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‘Transformers 7’ release date, spoilers: Plot is not a direct ‘The Last Knight’ sequel

From the official trailer of “Transformers: The Last Knight” | Photo by Paramount Pictures/YouTube screenshot

“Transformers 7” was originally planned to premiere earlier this year. However, it has become apparent that the film franchise will undergo several and major changes when Paramount pulled out the seventh movie from its June 2019 release date. It was also later reported that the next movie might not serve as a direct sequel.

Transformers 7’ plot: Is the franchise getting a reboot?

Since Paramount canceled the 2019 premiere of “Transformers 7,” many speculations circulated on the internet concerning the future of the franchise. Some people suggested that the spin-off “Bumblebee” might be the end or could mark the beginning of a new approach to the movie series. With that, fans also considered the possibility that the series will introduce a reboot movie to give the franchise a fresh start.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura protested on the use of the term “reboot” when discussing their plans for “Transformers 7” or the future of the franchise in general. However, he did tell SlashFilm that another “big ‘Transformers’ movie” will be released in the future and it will be “different” than the first five movies.

Unfortunately, that is the only official word fans can hold on to while anticipating the release of “Transformers 7.” And even though di Bonaventura does not like calling it a reboot, he confirmed that they are not developing a script for the next “Transformers” movie that will serve as a direct sequel to “The Last Knight.”

Transformers 7’ production: Will Michael Bay return?

Di Bonaventura served as a producer on all six “Transformers” films, that means he also worked with director Michael Bay for the entire series. So the producer is the one to ask on the possibility of Bay’s return. Bay bowed out of the franchise after directing “The Last Knight” but he remained a producer for “Bumblebee.”

When asked about having Bay return for “Transformers 7,” di Bonaventura only reiterated the director’s statement about leaving the franchise for good. The producer also said they prefer to complete the script first before worrying about whether or not attempting to bring back Bay to the series or look for a new director.

Many aspects of the next movie are yet to be finalized. It is then safe to say that Paramount does not have a release date for “Transformers 7” at this point.

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