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The Ultimate Guide on Equipment for the Food Truck Business

The food truck business is in a league of its own because — unlike a conventional business that tends to remain stationary — it involves moving the business from locale to locale. Once you have purchased your food truck, you will need to move onto the purchase of the equipment needed to run your food truck business properly.

One of the essentials of starting a food truck business is learning more about your niche and competitors. A “killer” concept and catchy name will help get you started on the right track, and you will also need to target high-traffic locations in the city and formulate the ideal business plan.

In addition, you will need to obtain all the necessary permits and licenses, and you will need to create a great social media presence. This may include collaborating with influencers, creating a persuasive website, and launching several viral ads to generate buzz about your business.

When it comes to equipment, you will need to invest in a portable sink. In addition to a portable sink, you will also need to invest in storage and preparation areas, grills, stoves, and refrigeration units for your truck.

A food truck service window is also a must, and you will need to adhere to all fire and safety laws by purchasing fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and a sprinkler system. Here, we will delve further into the equipment that you need to start your food truck business.

Cooking Equipment

When most entrepreneurs buy equipment for their food trucks, they spend most of their capital on purchasing cooking equipment. We recommend that you choose a mix of full-sized units and countertops to optimize the space in your food truck. The most commonly purchased food truck equipment includes a toaster, microwave, range, flat-top grill or griddle, and a range.

You must decide whether to go with gas or electric appliances, as both have their respective pros and cons. For example, electric appliances require more energy to run, which may force you to buy a second generator to meet your heavy-duty power needs.

However, electricity can maintain a specific temperature for a prolonged duration, so you may want to opt for electricity if you have appliances — like ovens — that need to maintain a certain temperature for quite some time.

Gas is known for being plentiful but also for being quite economical. Gas is also efficient, meaning you can heat food items quicker while expending less gas.

You can find gas at nearly any hardware store, gas station, and even a convenience store, which will make it easy to refill your tank when it is running on empty. However, the biggest issue with gas is that it can be quite dangerous. This is further exacerbated by the fact that your tightly-packed food truck will use gas near several open flames.

Preparation Equipment and Storage Areas

Built-in prep counters made of stainless steel tend to be the safest of all the available commercial materials. You will also need to invest in turners, knives, saucepans, and cutting boards as part of your food preparation equipment list.

Proper storage is also of the utmost importance, so you must invest in storage units that allow you to properly store food containers, dry goods, paper goods, and other such items. Also, given that you will be driving across the city daily, we would suggest that you purchase lockable cabinets to keep your equipment secure.

Refrigeration Equipment

A refrigerator is essential for food trucks, as they allow you to keep your food and drinks fresh. However, it is important to check your local health code to ensure that your refrigerator adheres to all local laws. Exact measurements of the unit must also be taken, as some models will require additional clearance from the wall for proper ventilation.

There are many different models to choose from, so you may want to take the time to shop around until you find a model and size that meets the unique needs of your food truck.

If your food truck is very tight on space, then you may want to look into a worktop refrigerator; they have a flat top that can be used for either food preparation or to stack additional appliances.

You will need to check your unit's maximum weight capacity, as you do not want to make the mistake of loading multiple appliances on top of your refrigerator if it's not designed to handle a heavy load.

Washing and Cleaning Equipment

A portable sink has many benefits, including not requiring any power or plumbing to operate. In regards to cleaning equipment, there are many products to choose from including liners, sponges, trash bins, and sanitizing agents.

When getting a portable sink, you can opt for a 4 basin unit or a self-contained model that includes a washing sink and multiple drainboards. There are also portable hot water sinks that include multiple basins and tops made with pristine stainless steel.

Starting Your Food Truck Business Today

As you can see, there are many types and brands of equipment are available for food trucks. Those on a budget can also purchase used food truck equipment from a reputable vendor that provides a certified warranty. Now that you know about all the necessary equipment, you should be on the right track to starting your own food truck business.

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