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‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ gameplay update, fixes: Players will need to re-download the game in early 2020, here’s why

From “The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr” cinematic trailer | Photo credit: Bethesda Softworks/YouTube screenshot

Before the end of 2019, ZeniMax Online updated the list of its performance improvements plan for “The Elder Scrolls Online.” And a significant patch is going to be issued in early 2020 that will even require players to re-download the game.

Elder Scrolls Online’ Update 25 due in Q1 2020

One of the most anticipated changes coming via “Elder Scrolls Online” Update 25 is a patching overhaul. As of the developer’s latest report, it is already in the final internal testing phase, and they do not see any reason to delay its release.

ZeniMax Online has also reportedly completed the work to make the fixtures and characters load faster. It is also on track to release the second phase of behind-the-scenes combat ability improvements in Update 25 for “Elder Scrolls Online.”

Players can also expect the first part of the frame rate improvements to go live in the coming months. The imminent frame rate update on “Elder Scrolls Online” also includes multi-threading work. ZeniMax Online explained, “This work will allow more game systems (specifically the fixture update process and renderer for this round) to utilize multiple cores, improving overall performance on the game client.”

Given the magnitude of changes and improvements, “Elder Scrolls Online” players on all platforms will be required to re-download the game client once Update 25 goes live. While every aspect of Update 25 is still in the final internal testing, developers are confident to deliver it within the first quarter of the year.

Elder Scrolls Online’ update: Server improvements arriving next in Update 26

Developers confirmed its plans to issue server optimization and stability improvements within the first half of the year via Update 26. This will be manifested in significant changes in how pets resources are being processed in “Elder Scrolls Online.” ZeniMax Online is also adding multi-threading work to the player character loading process to improve the gameplay performance further.

Also arriving through Update 26 are the following stages of frame rate enhancements and behind-the-scenes combat. This set of patches is slated to be released sometime in the second quarter. Meanwhile, “Elder Scrolls Online” should receive the overview for Update 27 and Update 28 very soon.

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