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Starbucks: Coffee chain giant pledges to help the government with its COVID-19 vaccine effort

Photo by: KAL Visuals/Unsplash

Starbucks said that it will help Washington with its efforts in vaccinating the citizens by lending spaces to be vaccination sites. This offer will surely make it easier for people to get their COVID-19 vaccine since the world’s largest coffee chain has many outlets across the state.

Washington and Starbucks’ partnership for coronavirus vaccination

Starbucks’ participation in hastening the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine was confirmed by Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee. The official shared that he is teaming up with other major companies as well to speed up the vaccination of the residents and make the process more efficient.

"This is an opportunity to serve others and have an impact on a significant humanitarian effort," Starbucks president and CEO, Kevin Johnson, said in a statement. "Governor Inslee has convened some of the best public and private resources and capabilities to engage in a concerted effort to optimize and accelerate the vaccination process across our home state.”

Starbucks added that it is proud to participate in any way it can to help the local government. Then again, the company clarified that its stores will not be serving as vaccination sites, but they will provide designated spaces for it.

As per Fox News, the governor also announced that he is hoping for statewide partnerships with both private and public groups to build up the region’s infrastructure and be able to vaccinate around 45,000 locals per day. Inslee further said that getting Starbucks and other companies aboard in the vaccine roll-out is part of his plan to ramp up Washington’s ongoing vaccination efforts.

The COVID-19 vaccination in Washington

Gov. Inslee reminded everyone during the press conference this week that people the age eligibility for the vaccine has been changed from 70 to 65. The vaccines will be distributed by the Washington State Vaccine Command and Coordination Center (WSVCCC) throughout the state, and nurses and medical staff will be the one who will administer the vaccine.

As of today, the Washington government gave out around 696,175 doses to facilities around the state, and at least 242,606 have already been administered. Thousands have yet to received their first doses and the participation of Starbucks and other companies will be a big help to speed up the vaccination of the residents.

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