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Pocophone F2 release date: Xiaomi evaluating series’ position to co-exist with Redmi K20, rumor claims

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New information about the Pocophone F2 is expected to arrive on July 15 or 17 as the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro are slated to hit the Indian market that date. Once it does, the rumor that both devices are one and the same will finally be put to rest.

For the unaware, it’s being assumed that the Pocophone F2 and the Redmi K20 are the same handsets named differently based on what region it’s being released on. It’s unclear why this is, but Chinese manufacturers are apparently practicing this sort of marketing strategy.

The reason why people are speculating that the Pocophone F2 and the Redmi K20 are just two sides of the same coin is the latter’s spec. Put simply, most of the hardware outfitted in the Redmi K20 are the same ones that should’ve been given to the Pocophone F2.

A distinct feature for the Pocophone F2

But there is another claim making its round on the web contending that the Pocophone F2 and the Redmi K20 aren’t the same product. Instead, the rumor touts that Xiaomi is still evaluating how both handsets will co-exist with each other, 91Mobiles (via India Today) reported.

This is a reasonable assumption given the aforementioned spec similarity. If Xiaomi is planning on releasing the Pocophone F2, then it should add a feature to the phone that would separate it from the Redmi K20, what that feature remains to be seen since Xiaomi still hasn’t broken its silence about its plan for the series. But the rumor is claiming that the change will not be seen on the handset’s processor.

Pocophone F2 might come out in September

"The company is currently evaluating how the purported [Pocophone F2] will co-exist with the Redmi K20 Pro. The latter is powered by Snapdragon 855 SoC, and the former will likely run on the same chipset too, considering its predecessor offered the then-flagship Snapdragon 845 in a mid-range package,” the rumor claims.

Having said all of these, it’s best to remain skeptical for now until such time the Redmi K20 is released in the Indian market. If it maintains its name, then the claim of 91Mobiles might be on the money. Thus, the Pocophone F2 could be seeing a September release date on account that its predecessor came out on that same month last year.

By J Russ Isberto
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