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Pizza Hut announces the return of a famous diners’ favorite

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Pizza Hut will bring back a favorite pizza item to its menu more than a decade after it was pulled out. The restaurant announced this week that one of its famous menu items is returning to satisfy the diners once again.

What to look forward to in Pizza Hut

As per CNN Business, Pizza Hut customers will start seeing the thin crust pizza again on the menu when they dine or order for takeout. Many will recognize this item that was first introduced as the “The Edge” pizza in 1997. At that time, this thin-crust pizza immediately became a favorite.

One of the things that people love about “The Edge” pizza is the thin crust. It was made even more famous by the generous toppings that made every bite crunchy and full of flavor.

Today, Pizza Hut is reintroducing it again and will be available in its restaurant outlets across the states for $12.99. For this price, customers will be getting the same thin-crust "packed with toppings all the way to the edge."

This will be the second appearance of this favorite “The Edge” menu, as Pizza Hut brought it back for the second time in 2009. Fans of thin-crust pizzas can choose from four varieties or flavors to choose from. One is a vegetarian option, while the other three have various types of meats.

Bringing back nostalgia with the old pizza favorite

Pizza Hut revealed that “The Edge” will not stay for good, so for a limited time, those who love this pizza may grab their chance again. The return of this thin crust pizza is also said to be part of the company’s campaign to regularly tap into nostalgia, as per Yahoo Finance.

Pizza Hut is calling this scheme the "Newstalgia" campaign, and it aims to highlight the classic favorites that have appeared in the restaurant’s long history. To make it more interesting, the pizza chain giant is reintroducing them with some twists to keep up with modern times.

Finally, The Edge pizza will be available in participating Pizza Hut outlets across the nation. Customers can choose from these flavors, including The Ultimate, The Carnivore, The Vegetarian, and the Pepperoni Lovers.

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