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‘Persona 5 Royal’ release date, details: Game to introduce new characters, new gameplay

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The “Persona 5 Royal” release date will finally arrive on March 31, 2020, for Western gamers, five months the Japanese version’s October 31, 2019 launch, according to USG. For players who want to take a peek on what it has to offer, there are a few known details of the upcoming title.

“Persona 5 Royal” Plot

The upcoming “Persona 5 Royal” will add tons of new content but will still retain the plotline and gameplay of the 2016 title “Persona 5,” according to TheCinemaholic. Players will still play as Joker, who is a member of a group of high school students who wants to rid the corruption that resides inside the hearts of adults.

The group is called the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Their goal is to steal the “treasure” possessed by the shadow versions of everyone, all of which are residing in an alternate dimension called Metaverse. These treasures are actually the emotional root of bad behavior and getting rid of them will cause a person to change for the better.

New Characters

There will be two new characters that will be introduced in “Persona 5 Royal.” One is called Kasumi Yoshizawa, a transferee to the Shujin Academy that Joker is attending. The other new character is Takuto Maruki, a school counselor.

“Persona 5 Royal” Gameplay

The main character will go through the routines of daily life as a student at Shujin Academy. There are a day and night cycles and even a weather system inside the game. The gamer’s character, Joker, is also expected to participate in side activities and part-time gigs to level up the character’s stats.

One aspect to its gameplay that players can use to their advantage is the Confidants system. Players can opt for Joker to cultivate closer bonds with other characters in the game which will unlock new abilities. Developing Joker’s relationship with his teammate will even allow him to access new equipment and items, boost experience points and rate of earnings. In addition, Joker can even enter into romantic relationships with some of the female characters in the game.

There are a few differences to the “Persona 5 Royal” gameplay compared to the older title. For instance, there is now a grappling hook that Joker can use allowing him access to certain areas in the Metaverse Palaces. There’s also a new tag team combo attack for Haru and Morgana as well as Makoto and Ryuji allowing them to execute powerful moves.

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