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‘Outcast 2’ is 'coming soon' on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S after two decades

From the “Outcast 2: A New Beginning” trailer | Photo credit: THQ Nordic / YouTube screenshot

Belgium-based video game studio Appeal is finally close to launching “Outcast 2” more than two decades since its development was first announced. It was confirmed during THQ Nordic’s 10th-anniversary celebrations as one of the games the company will publish in the near future.

‘Outcast 2’ development, gameplay

For a brief recap, the first “Outcast” title launched in 1999 and was credited as one of the pioneers of open-world adventure and exploration gameplay. The earliest confirmation of a sequel can be tracked way back to November 1999. At the time, Appeal anticipated it would take 18 months to complete the game. While it may have taken a much longer time, the studio is now well on its way to launching the second game, fittingly titled “Outcast 2: A New Beginning.” Appeal was one of the studios acquired by THQ Nordic last May.

While some things have changed from Appeal’s original sequel plans, the developer is preserving many crucial elements of the first game. Main protagonist Cutter Slade will return, and “Outcast 2: A New Beginning” is still set in the alien world of Adelpha.

The friendly alien race called Talan is also coming back in “Outcast 2: A New Beginning.” Based on the game’s synopsis, Cutter Slade will find the Talans enslaved upon his return to Adelpha. Liberating them appears to be one of the main goals in the game, along with saving the alien world.

A jetpack appears to be one of the primary ways Cutter Slade can travel and complete missions across Adelpha. Developers will also introduce “modules” that will allow players to build their weapons in “Outcast 2: A New Beginning.”

Appeal hopes to bring the original experience that the first game delivered in “Outcast 2: A New Beginning.” To do so, the studio said it has brought back the original team of developers, as well as composer Lennie Moore, for the sequel.

‘Outcast 2’ release date, availability

“Outcast 2: A New Beginning” is promised to launch “soon,” but how soon is still unclear. Appeal and THQ Nordic have yet to announce a specific release date. For now, the developer and publisher confirmed that the sequel is launching on PC via Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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