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‘One Piece’ chapter 976 spoilers, predictions: New release date confirmed; Are Jinbe, Katakuri arriving in Wano to join the war?

Screenshot from a battle scene between Katakuri and Luffy | Photo by FUNimation via Facebook/@onepieceofficial

A great war is brewing in “One Piece” chapter 976, but a couple of characters, Jinbe and Katakuri, are likely still arriving in Wano that would help both alliances. It should also be noted that the manga has taken another week of break before this major story arc development takes place.

‘One Piece’ chapter 976 predictions, spoilers

The previous chapters were filled with surprises, especially with the arrival of the three Supernovas, Luffy, Kidd, and Law, along with their respective pirate crews. Kyoshiro (the real Denjiro) saw through Kin'emon's plan that led to the revelation that Kanjuro was the real traitor all along.

Through Denjiro's help, the alliance gained 1,200 more warriors. That brings the total of their forces to 5,200, which is still too few compared to the combined strength of Kaido and Big Mom's crews. But it gives the protagonists more chance for what's about to start in “One Piece” chapter 976 – the battle on Onigashima.

With that, Luffy and his allies will need more help and they might just get it later on once Jinbe finally arrives in Wano. Manga fans have been waiting for the reunion of Jinbe and Luffy, especially since the latter made his new affiliate promise to meet them in Wano. But there is also a chance that Jinbe's arrival will not happen yet in “One Piece” chapter 976.

Jinbe's return could make for a good surprise in the middle of the brewing war in Wano when the protagonists fall at a great disadvantage. This means “One Piece” chapter 976 might be too early for Jinbe's appearance.

Another more likely surprise in “One Piece” chapter 976 is Katakuri arriving in Wano. His reappearance might not matter in terms of the actual show of force since Big Mom and Kaido's crews combined are already superior to that of the Scabbards and the three Supernovas.

However, Katakuri somewhat formed a connection with Luffy during their action-packed fight in Whole Cake Island. It is then very possible for him to also take part in the war that is likely starting in “One Piece” chapter 976.

‘One Piece’ chapter 976 new release date

On a regular schedule, “One Piece” chapter 976 would be released on Monday. However, a hiatus was previously announced confirming that the installment will not arrive until Sunday, April 5.

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