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NFT: John Legend announces launch of OurSong music and art NFT platform

Photo by: OurSong Press Release

John Legend, the 43-year-old American singer, songwriter, and producer, has launched a new music and art NFT platform called OurSong. Together with Our Happy company, a firm he co-founded, he introduced the platform this week.

John Legend is also serving as Our Happy Company's chief impact officer, and it was explained that the new OurSong NFT platform was created for musicians, entertainers, and everyone else. It was also described as a social commerce platform where users can turn their creativity into tradable assets.

The app is simply a place to showcase ideas and make money out of them. It is also a place where people can make friends since they can also build fan communities there.

CoinTelegraph reported that OurSong allows users to tokenize and sell their work on the NFT platform. For the buyers, they will also have some privileges, including access to private chatrooms and unreleased music pieces.

OurSong stated that creating and buying NFTs on its platform was made very easy. Thus, everyone can now turn their ideas, stories, photos, music, and any other types of art into non-fungible token trading cards called Vibes. Another good thing is that users can do these things any time and anywhere.

Musicians and entertainers who are trying to create their own digital collectibles have a place now to give NFTs a try. With OurSong's simple controls and built-in social functionality, it can help artists grow their fan bases as well.

Artists can also monetize their content without so much fuss as a crypto wallet is not even a requirement on the platform. Users can deposit OurSongDollars (OSD) on the platform by buying it with a credit card, debit card, or wire payment. USD Coin in the users' wallet on Circle's blockchain is also acceptable.

"NFTs hold so much promise in ushering in the next generation of singers, songwriters, photographers, artists, and more," John Legend said in a press release. "I helped found OurSong because I believe NFTs can change the way creators are discovered, improve how they serve their biggest fans, and reshape the industry as a whole. That starts with building a platform that serves all creators, whether they have one hundred fans or one hundred thousand."

Finally, for the OurSong NFT platform project, John Legend is working with Chris Lin, CEO of Taipei-based KKBOX; Kevin Lin, Twitch co-founder; and Matt Cheng of Cherubic Ventures.

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