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NCSoft announces ‘Blade & Soul 2’ launch date

Photo by: NCSoft

NCSoft is launching “Blade & Soul 2,” and the South Korean video game developer and publisher based in Seongnam already set the date. The company announced that the second edition of the successful game is coming on Aug. 26.

With the date already revealed, the anticipation for NCSoft’s “Blade & Soul 2” is running high. In just a few weeks more, the massively multiplayer online RPG game is coming. This is the sequel to “Blade & Soul,” which won the grand prize at the recent 2012 Korea Game Awards.

The Korea Herald reported that NCSoft’s “Blade & Soul 2” online RPG game will be available for players to play on mobile devices and PC. For PC gamers, it can be played through the Purple cross-play service.

To prove that this game is enormously popular, it was mentioned that pre-registrations to the game have reached 7.46 million. In the first 23 days, the reservations were already over four million.

This number reportedly broke a record in South Korea with the most number of pre-registrations. Previously “Lineage 2M,” an MMORPG mobile game, recorded 7.38 million.

In any case, with this new game from NCSoft, Korea’s Meritz Securities Co LTD estimated that the game developer could gain ₩255.6 billion or about $223.1 million in annual sales for this new game.

In a previous report from Korea Joongang Daily, “Blade & Soul 2” is NCSoft’s third new game release for this year. The game sequel follows the mobile games titled “Pro Baseball H3,” that was launched in April, and “Trickster M” in May.

Initially, the game developer and publisher planned to release the second sequel of “Blade & Soul'' within the first half of this year. However, it was moved to the latter half citing "internal reasons" that were not really publicly explained.

The website for “Blade & Soul 2” is already up, and this was set up by NCSoft to give gamers some sneak peek of what to expect from the game. The characters and gameplay were posted on the site. Meanwhile, the very first edition of this multi-player online game was released in 2012 and is only available on PC.

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