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‘Lost In Space’ season 2: Max Jenkins hinted The Robot will be back; Cast, plot and other details to know

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“Lost in Space” season 2 will be a follow-up to the reboot of the drama that was first launched in the 60s. It is a classic drama that was given a makeover to suit the modern-day audience’s preference and the debut season was well-received.

The good thing is that while people first thought that “Lost in Space” season 2 has been canceled, it was actually renewed so the adventures of the Robinson family will continue. The renewal was officially announced by Netflix in May last year, but due to some obstacles, the drama’s filming was delayed.

Filming for “Lost in Space” season 2 was said to have begun in September 2018, and the cast and crew shot many scenes in Vancouver, Canada. The production is still ongoing, and they have moved to a new filming site already.

Who will be in it?

In “Lost in Space” season 2, the viewers will still see all the main cast, and they are the Robinson family. Molly Parker will still play Maureen Robinson while Toby Stephens will be John Robinson. Their kids that include Judy, Penny and Will will still be played by Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall and Maxwell Jenkins, in that order.


The first installment concluded with a cliffhanger where the Robinson family landed on a new planet as their path while traveling in space was suddenly diverted to a place unknown to them.

Jenkins revealed that they will be in a new land, and it is possible that it is a place that they called the “Planet of the Robots.” He also shared that The Robot will still be with them despite the fact that the thing already “died” in season 1. The child actor added that “Lost in Space” season will be bigger than the first.

"It's going to be much bigger than the first season,” he told Pop Culture. “It's going to be awesome. We have Alex Grace as our producing director, he directed a few of the episodes in this season, and he's really an amazing director, great person and great friend."

Lastly, Jenkins divulged that “Lost in Space” season 2 will see the return of The Robot. His relationship with his is not yet over and hinted that his machine friend will be helping them out as they are in danger.

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