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KFC launching a major job recruitment event in the US to hire 20,000 staff

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KFC said on Wednesday, May 5, that it will open various job positions in the company and launch a job recruitment event to hire around 20,000 staff in the U.S. The hiring spree is the result of the fast-food chain’s surge in demand, especially now that summer months are coming.

The high demand and massive growth led to a labor shortage in KFC outlets, so it has taken steps to find staff so it can meet the demand as the restaurant starts recovering from the slump brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What KFC is looking for

CNBC reported that the popular fried chicken fast-food chain is struggling to find enough workers for its stores across the nation. So its owner, Yum Brands, is looking for individuals to fill in KFC’s part-time and full-time positions.

It was mentioned that the company is especially searching for people who will fit in the roles at its restaurants which include cooks, customer service staff in store outlets, assistant managers, restaurant managers, and shift supervisors.

It was said that it is actually quite normal for major fast-food outlets to hire thousands of staff in summer because this is always the busiest period of the year. However, it seems it will be harder to fill in most of the positions today because a lot of people are still not ready to go out for fear of coronavirus infection.

"KFC has seen tremendous growth and sustained demand in the U.S. over the last year,” KFC US’ CEO, John Kurnick, said in a press release. “Our franchisees have a real need to fill a variety of positions on their teams."

Labor crunch in the US

The labor crunch is deeply felt not just in KFC but the entire supply chain. In fact, McDonald’s has also launched hiring sprees in various states.

In April, the burger joint launched a job recruitment event, and it is looking for 8,000 workers in McDonald's Tennessee alone. The staff shortage was mostly due to the fact that people are starting to dine in again as the government starts to ease restrictions over COVID-19.

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