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How Technology Has Evolved

Remember the time when we all used to have a mobile phone with real plastic keys and not a touchscreen! Or if we stretch a bit further, do you remember the time, when we used to have telephones only? And even before that, we used to have black and white televisions for entertainment. It was also the time when kids used to go to a gaming arcade to have a good time, and adults used to visit brick and mortar casinos to gamble.

Well, all of that is nothing but a fading memory of the past, as technology has evolved so much. Keypad mobile phones have been replaced by touchscreen phones, and brick and mortar casinos have been replaced by online slot machines, particularly no deposit slots. What we are trying to imply is the fact that technology is ever-changing, and it keeps on shaping human lives perpetually. Here in this post, we are going to introduce some pathbreaking technical advancements that await us in the coming decade.

Technology Trends to Look for

As we step into the 2020s, here are the most important technology trends that promise to become a part of our lives.

Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Process

Artificial engineering has captured the minds of science fiction fans from time immemorial. To anyone unaware of the concept, Artificial Intelligence or AI, as it is popularly known as, gives the capability of thinking to machines. What it means is devices become able to make decisions on their own rationale. If you are using an Android or iOS powered phone, you are already taking benefits of AI in the form of Siri and Google Now.

In this coming decade, we are going to see even more practical applications of AI in human lives. Industry machines are going to make decisions on their own, save resources by producing only as much as necessary.

Practical Application of IoT

IoT or Internet of Things is the increased connectivity between devices. Imagine being able to control your electric kettle from your office and telling it to keep boiling water ready for your coffee in the next 10 minutes, or remotely play at And before that, you would like to tell your car to step outside of the parking and be prepared for you, all with the power of IoT.

Increased Computation Power with Edge Computing

When big data and data mining became a part of our lives, things became inherently smoother for us. It reduced the problem of storage, made us able to access things at a much faster rate. Coupled with AI, Edge computing now aims to make even much-informed inference from our data repository. Edge computing aims to solve the challenges by being able to make decisions, even before sending the data to the cloud.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is an idea of being able to process data at unimaginable speed and hence solving the biggest challenges ahead of humankind, and that includes problems like finding newer energy sources, curing HIV, fighting cancer, and possibly controlling nuclear reactions. Google, IBM, and Intel are already working their butts off to make this grand idea a reality.

Renewed Race for Stars

Remember how you were taught about the incredible missions to the moon where one step for man was touted to be a leap for humanity? Well, the 2020s aim to take us back to space exploration. But this time, it would not be driven by any aim or a cold war but with a collective effort to improve our chances of survival. Given the situation, we have pushed our lovely planet into, the threat of extinction under climate change looms large over humanity.

Hence, the renewed space race would not be a fantasy of beating one another but a collective effort for survival. And don’t be surprised if we tell you that the private sector is going to play a significant part in our quest for endurance.


We hope this article would have given you a perspective of how things are going to be in the coming future. Humankind has always strived for improvement, whether it is in entertainment or limits of science.

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