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Guide for Writing Content for a Cannabis Website

It is difficult to run a cannabis business today without your own website, and a website does not exist if there is no content. The engine, design, loading speed, beautiful fonts — without high-quality site content, all this makes no sense. And the specifics of the niche require entrepreneurs to be careful.

Legal Aspects

In the USA, every state has its own laws concerning cannabis and dispensary services. So, before you start working on a website, it is crucial to be aware of all the updated legal information for your state, as well as the states in which you plan to expand your business. If you are not sure if you can handle the whole process on your own with the view of all the legal aspects and the specifics of the niche, entrust the task of promotion to SEO & content marketing professionals like Mj Seo.Agency that knows how to correctly promote such sensitive content.

Content for a Cannabis Site: The First Steps

Website content is not content for the sake of content. These are texts, infographics, visual information that solve specific problems and appeal to a specific audience. Therefore, preparing content for the site is a job that starts from afar. Here are some strategic steps you need to take.

  • Create a portrait of the target audience

Today, for business success, it is essential to understand well to whom you are making a trade offer, and why it is profitable and useful for potential customers.

Consumer behavior is determined by a variety of criteria, including:

  • gender;

  • age;

  • social status;

  • income level;

  • marital status;

  • the presence of children;

  • profession/field of activity;

  • education;

  • national, cultural characteristics;

  • geography.

The more you know about your target audience and the more accurate its segmentation, the higher the chances that your offer will hit the target. Even in the cannabis niche, there is a lot to investigate. Depending on the specifics of your business and an average check, determining the target audience should always be one of the first steps.

  • Determine the tasks of the site

The structure and functionality of the resource and, of course, the content of the site depend on this. If you have an online cannabis store, the site should have a catalog, the ability to add products to a basket, and place an order, and product cards will become the basis of the content. If you have a small company that offers dispensary services, a landing page with a consultation order form will be enough. Content for this type of site should be short and promotional.

  • Study competitor websites

Competitor sites can be viewed in Google search results, as the first thing to consider is those who receive paid and organic traffic in your niche. To do this, just go to the search engine, type in a key query on your subject, and then click on the “Show all” sub-item. You will see all sites whose owners pay for contextual advertising. Also, study the first and even second pages of the SERP to evaluate your competitors.

Browse websites, write down interesting article topics, take screenshots of unusual features that competitors use. This knowledge will help you make content for your site fascinating, engaging, and useful. And at the same time, you will avoid the mistakes that you will find on competing resources.

Choosing Formats and Types of Content

The functionality of your site, which will be designed by developers, depends on the selected content formats. They need to understand whether the site will have charts and graphics, GIF tips, and video materials.

The types of content for the site are also important — educational, entertaining, informational, and promotional. Diverse content will help make your content strategy as effective as possible. After all, a section of articles or a blog should be updated constantly and replenished with unique content.

Besides, the content needs to be SEO optimized so that you could attract organic traffic to your website. Follow SEO CDB keywords tips and use services like SERPSTAT. Alternatively, hire an SEO specialist or outsource these services.

Sources of Information for the Content

If you plan to post photos and videos, it is crucial to understand which of the company's employees will be doing this or plan in advance the budget for outsourcing specialists.

Information for articles can be taken:

  • from open sources on the internet — thematic sites, forums, blogs, news feeds;

  • from customer surveys;

  • from surveys of company employees, for example, a marketer, a mailing specialist, a web analyst, a sales manager;

  • from your own experience.

How to create unique content for a website

Think of unique content for the main page of the site. It should answer the main questions that a person has opening your site for the first time:

  • What does the company do?

  • How long has it existed?

  • Why can a company be trusted?

  • How is it different from dozens of competitors?

  • What do you need to do to buy a product or order a service?

  • What do those who have already become clients of the company say?

Next Steps

Then you can prepare a detailed content plan for the site — which topic, in what format, and in what timeframe you will post on the resource. And then start working on preparing unique content for the site.

If you are the owner of a small cannabis business and can allocate time for this, you can prepare content for the site for free and on your own. If there is little time, there is a budget, and you are ready to delegate this task, contact a professional agency that will prepare the content matching your expectations and serving the purposes of your website.

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