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‘Genshin Impact’ tips: Fan-favorite ‘Ley Line Overflow’ event is now live with double Blossom of Wealth, Revelation drops

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One of the most popular in-game events among “Genshin Impact” players is now live. Within the next week, completing Blossom of Wealth and Blossom of Revelation challenges will be even more rewarding.

‘Genshin Impact’ events players must take advantage right now

As of this writing, players on all servers of “Genshin Impact” should be able to enjoy the rewards that come with the limited-time Ley Line Overflow event. To participate, players will have to keep an eye out for the markers of Blossom of Wealth and Blossom of Revelation challenges across the map.

It should be noted that these bonus challenges do not appear for everyone, especially those who have only started with the game. Blossom of Revelation will only show up for “Genshin Impact” Travelers at Adventure Rank 8. Blossom of Wealth, on the other hand, is only accessible to players with at least Adventure Rank 12.

During the Ley Line Overflow event, completing the Blossom challenges will lead to double rewards. Blossom of Wealth will drop twice the usual amount of mora and Blossom of Revelation will rewards players with double EXP for game characters as long as the event is live.

Blossom challenges show up randomly, which means players cannot choose whether to collect double drops of mora or EXP. Regardless, this is a good time to actively explore the game as the “Genshin Impact” limited-time event will only run until Friday, March 5, at 4 a.m. local server time.

What is ‘Epitome Invocation’ and how it would benefit ‘Genshin Impact’ players

Ley Line Overflow is not the only rewarding event live right now on “Genshin Impact.” The Wish Epitome Invocation is also happening and will make some sought-after weapons appear more frequently.

During this event, which started last Tuesday, players will have higher chances of finding the 5-star polearm Staff of Homa and 5-star claymore Wolf's Gravestone. The same goes for other 4-star “Genshin Impact” weapons such as the claymore Lithic Blade and polearm Lithic Spear, as well as the sword Lion's Roar, Sacrificial Bow, and catalyst The Widsith.

Note that these weapons will appear exclusively for the Epitome Invocation Wish that will be live until Tuesday, March 16, at 3 p.m. local server time. “Genshin Impact” is currently available on PS4, PC, iOS, and Android.

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