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‘GTA Online’ Summer Update release date: Create unique Open Wheel Race circuits with Los Santos Summer Special

From the official trailer of “GTA Online: Open Wheel Racing” | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot

As Rockstar Games promised, a slew of new gameplay content and improvements will be released in “GTA Online” to celebrate the summer season in Los Santos. The update going live this week will include a new feature allowing players to design their unique Open Wheel Race circuits.

‘GTA Online’: All the gameplay features to expect in Los Santos Summer Special update

After some time, “GTA Online” players may be wanting to join Open Wheel Races with new circuits, so the upcoming Los Santos Summer Special will deliver new races starting this week. This will be added on top of the seven land races introduced when the Open Wheel series was first introduced.

If that is not enough challenge, players cans start building their own race circuits through the new Open Wheel Race Creator arriving with the “GTA Online” summer update. “More than a dozen” new cars will also be added on in-game auto websites that players can purchase. These vehicles can be used in Open Wheel races or can be customized by Benny to match the players’ racing needs.

Since this is a summer update, it would have been remiss for Rockstar not to include a gameplay event on the waters of San Andreas. So when the “GTA Online” summer update goes live, players who own Galaxy Super Yachts will have a list of new missions to complete. They can dive into it alone or with three other “shipmates.” “Everything from deep-sea diving to high-speed hi-jinks on the high seas, there’s action for sailors of all stripes,” the developer teases.

The new missions and features will be released along with a list of gameplay improvements and fixes. The “GTA Online” Los Santos Summer Special will be released on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

‘GTA Online’ biggest update still to come later this year

Players should note that the summer update is not the only thing Rockstar promised in a statement last month. The developer revealed big things are slated to arrive in its online multiplayer games before 2020 ends.

As for “GTA Online,” Rockstar said it is working on the “biggest ever update” that will be released later this year. The developer did not provide many details, but hinted that it will feature its “latest take on Heists in an entirely new location."

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