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‘GTA V: Premium Edition’ free: Download the full campaign and complete ‘GTA Online’ upgrades from Epic Game Store

From the “GTA Online: Doomsday Heist” trailer | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot

Self-quarantine days are about to become more exciting for video game fans as “GTA V” is now free to download from the Epic Games Store. It comes with way more gameplay content as the platform offers the title’s Premium Edition that has plenty of other features aside from the base game’s campaign.

GTA V’ free download comes with added content updates, ‘GTA Online,’ and more

Rumors of “GTA V” becoming a free game were immediately confirmed as Epic Games Store announced the limited-time offer that started on Thursday. What fans did not expect was that they are getting much more than the content originally released in 2013.

The “GTA V” Premium Edition was launched in 2018 so that Rockstar can sell the base action-adventure game bundled with the “GTA Online” where most of the DLCs and content updates later released were centered. This means players are also getting gameplay upgrades like “The Doomsday Heist,” “Bikers,” “Smuggler’s Run,” and “Gunrunning” when they download the game.

Considering that the game has been in the market for around seven years now, this free download promo would be most appealing to new players. Many people have likely just started enjoying playing video games after spending weeks and months in quarantine. This is also why “GTA V: Premium Online Edition” is the perfect bundle for Epic Games Store and Rockstar to offer as it comes with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack that practically gives those new to the party a little more advantage to save time catching up with long-time players.

The said bundle means people downloading the “GTA V: Premium Online Edition” are getting millions worth of in-game cash and items. The starter pack comes with exclusive upgrades that developers say would cost $10,000,000 in GTA currency along with the in-game cash of $1,000,000 for good measure.

The free vehicles that come with this offer are no joke, too. “GTA V: Premium Online Edition” ships with 10 cars, including a helicopter, armed Dune FAV, and high-performance bikes, among others. Free weapons upgrades and a garage that could fit 10 vehicles are also included.

GTA V’: How to download the game for free

The process of getting the free copy of “GTA V” from Epic Games Store is very straightforward as well. Interested fans will only need an Epic Games account and the Epic Games Launcher, which they should already have if they are “Fortnite” players as well. The free download offer is available until Thursday, May 21.

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