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From Humble Beginnings: James Braxton Peterson Discusses Famous Comic Writers and How They Started

Comic writers are more than just people who have great imaginations. They are also skilled professionals who know how to captivate readers through conversations, scenes, and plot twists. The most outstanding ones are those who have published masterpieces known all over the world, with many fans patronizing not just the comic books, but also the merchandise born out of these brilliant ideas.

Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, James Braxton Peterson, an established writer and comic book enthusiast, has studied the lives of comic book writers and their beginning stages. He believes that each famous writer’s humble beginnings are essential formative stages that led them to success.

In this post, Peterson will be sharing some insights about famous comic book writers, how they started, as well as some advice for aspiring writers.

Gail Simone

Gail Simone is the genius behind DC Comics’ Birds of Prey. Initially, she was a theater graduate living in Oregon and had a day job working as a hairdresser. She gained attention back in the 1990s when she was a contributor to a website called “Women In Refrigerators.”

“Women In Refrigerators” was a comic fan site where people discussed female characters who were abused and killed as a way to thicken the plot for the male characters in the story. By raising awareness of the injustices and unequal representation of women and their depiction in some of the most popular comics, Gail Simone proved herself to be a critical force and resource in the comic book industry. Eventually, Simone was contacted by comic book companies, asking her to write female-led storylines.

James Braxton Peterson believes that her courage to contribute and speak out on issues that challenged readers helps to advance the entire genre, making it more inclusive and equitable.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a former national correspondent for The Atlantic who is recognized for his work writing about socio-political issues related to racial injustice, reparations and equity. He has contributed to many legacy publications, including TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Aside from being a journalist, Ta-Nehisi Coates also wrote Black Panther and Captain America series for Marvel Comics. These contributions highlighted the rich and complex Black experience that could be reflected in comics, emphasizing the possibilities for diversity and inclusion in the writing and characterization of superhero storylines.

Writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates succeed because of their exceptional talent and because they represent the expansive potential of the genre. When you stand by your core values as a writer and express these values through your work, your writing can truly stand out.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee remains one of the most influential comic book writers and creators of all time. As the creator or co-creator of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, Lee’s work is distinguished in his ability to merge the fiction found in comic books with real-life issues such as love, loss, vulnerability, and topical social issues.

According to James Braxton Peterson, the early days of Stan Lee’s life were spent on refining his writing skills. As a high schooler in his hometown, Bronx, New York, the late Mr. Lee often participated in writing contests sponsored by the New York Tribune. After winning these contests for consecutive weeks in a row, some people suggested that he take on a serious career path in writing.

After several career changes working in various jobs as a writer, he landed a role in DC Comics. While in the company, he was asked to conceptualize superheroes with flaws, making them relatable to the human condition. This further led to the creation of his most popular superhero characters and series in Marvel Comics.

Stan Lee’s story proves that people who find extraordinary success often start their writing careers by refining their craft through various, sometimes unrelated work experiences. With persistence and passion, they eventually match their preparation with opportunity in order to achieve professional success.

Dwayne Glenn McDuffie

Dwayne Glenn McDuffie is recognized for his work in Static Shock, Justice League, and Ben 10. Beginning as a staff writer, Dwayne Glenn McDuffie filled in minor roles before rising to successful stints as a writer on multiple comic books and animated series.

In his early years, McDuffie attended a school for gifted children and went to college at the University of Michigan, earning a degree in English and a Master’s in Physics. The genius in him did not rest solely in science, but also in the arts. He worked as a copy editor at a business magazine, which then led him to new opportunities and referrals for an interview at Marvel Comics. He began working as a staff writer at Marvel before getting the opportunity to create his own work.

Some of his initial submissions include spoof series about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which made a subtle commentary on how comic book companies treated African-American characters. In the early 1990s, he expressed the desire for better representation of diversity in comic books. McDuffie went on to be a co-founder of Milestone Media, one of the most impactful minority-owned and operated comic book companies.

James Braxton Peterson explains that any writer can plant a seed towards their dream, and even if progress is slow, they will eventually see it through. Like McDuffie, the representation of African-Americans in comic books back in the 1990s may be minimal, but his voice planted a seed to advance diversity that we witness today in comics, animated series, television and major motion pictures.

The Road to Success: A Writer’s Path

These stories mirror the path of success for any writer--it is never a straight line. It is filled with ups, downs, U-turns, and rocky terrain. The common factor among these famous comic writers is their grit, willingness to learn, and persistence to pursue their dreams which resulted in extraordinary success.

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