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Ford is recalling at least 617,000 Explorer SUVs in the U.S.

Photo by: Yunus Yildiz/Unsplash

Ford Motor is calling back at least 617,000 units of its Explorer sport utility vehicle units in the U.S. The recall was said to have been requested by the country’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The issue that caused the recall request

As per Reuters, Ford Motor was issued a recall request from the U.S. NHTSA after discovering loose pins in the roof rail covers. The regulators warned that the roof can get detached from the SUV and clearly pose accident risks.

It was reported that the units affected by the new Ford recall are the Explorer units with model dates from 2016 to 2019. It is critical for the automaker to repair the issue with the push pins as soon as possible.

The authorized dealers were instructed to install and replace any damaged rail clips and roof rail covers. Ford released a notice about the NHTSA’s request for Ford to carry out a recall for the safety of owners on Sunday, May 9. The company stated that the regulator wants a safety recall after receiving 11 reports concerning roof rail cover detachments.

How owners will know if their Explorer is part of the recall reported that Ford actually extended warranty claims for Explorer owners so they can do something about the issue on roof rail covers detachment. However, the government regulators wanted swift action and ordered the automaker to issue a recall.

The owners of Ford Explorer will be notified through mailed letters that will be disseminated on June 28. After this, they can visit authorized dealers and they will provide the necessary repairs and of course, these will be free of charge.

People can also contact the company through 866-436-7332 and use recall number 21S22. By doing this, owners will be able to confirm if their SUVs are included in the recall or not. Ford clarified that Explorer models that were built with plated roof rail covers are not affected by the issue so they do not have to worry about the recall announcement.

"Affected vehicles are configured with the Base, Police, XLT, or Sport trim level with Black painted, absolute black painted, or silver painted roof rail covers," Ford stated.

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