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‘Elite’ season 3: Netflix announced release date; Series reportedly renewed for 4th season but will return with entirely new cast

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“Elite” season 3 is coming very soon, and although there is still a bit of time before it finally arrives, there are reports that it was already renewed for the fourth installment. But then, there is bad news too, as it was reported that the entire cast is set to be replaced after the third season.

Cast replacement rumor

The report about the renewal of “Elite” for the next two seasons, which are the fourth and fifth, is said to have originated from the Spanish media outlet called Fuera de Series. In the article, it was said that Netflix ordered two seasons; however, they are planning to replace all the cast members.

This means that “Elite” season 3 will be the last time that fans will see the current group who appeared since the drama premiered in 2018. Thus, if this plan will push through, Ester Exposito (Carla), Miguel Bernardeau (Guzman), Alvaro Rico (Polo), Itzan Escamilla (Samuel), Mina El Hammani (Nadia), Omar Shana (Omar), Georgina Amoros (Cayetana), Miguel Herran (Christian) and Aaron Piper (Ander) are all exiting the program once this season ends.

Further, the Daily Soap Dish also picked up this story and stated that it is possible that the cast shakeup is due to the producers’ plans to reinvent the drama or give it a new story. Then again, Netflix has yet to confirm the reports about series renewal and major cast replacement.

Season 3 spoilers

Setting aside the reports for the series’ renewal, the spoilers for “Elite” season 3 is already out. At this point, the story is slowly moving away from Samuel, one of the students who were granted a scholarship to the elite school. He felt so lucky to have the scholarship, but his life turned upside down when his girlfriend Marina and the other kids in school end up being murdered one by one.

“Elite” season 3 will now focus on Polo, the confirmed killer. He committed a heavy crime, but he is already out of jail and even back to school. Some students want justice, and they will work to get him back to where he should be. Clearly, this means chaos and, perhaps, more murder.

When is it coming?

Netflix announced via video teaser that “Elite” season 3 is coming this March. However, fans should wait a bit more for the exact release date.

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