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David Luiz’s poor defensive performance salvaged by Arsenal’s blistering offense

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David Luiz has yet to find his groove on the pitch after transferring with the Gunners a few weeks back. Arsenal recently went up against Aston Villa and the Brazilian’s defense – or lack thereof – has been highlighted again.

But it’s not just his defense that has been heavily criticized but his poor leadership performance as well. David Luiz has been brought to Arsenal to address the club’s defensive lapses, and the transfer is becoming a cause of frustration for the fans.

Indeed, the 32-year-old was seen scolding Matteo Guendouzi after failing to monitor John McGinn’s movement that resulted in Aston Villa taking the lead. Despite Guendouzi being grilled by David Luiz, the young midfielder atoned for his mistake in the second half after he was sloppily stopped by Bjorn Engels’ in the box, Metro reported.

David Luiz was saved by Arsenal’s offense

The penalty kick was converted by Nicolas Pepe, bringing the score 1-1. But Aston Villa would take the lead again after Jack Grealish stormed Arsenal’s defense and scoring a smooth goal. The Gunners, clinging to life, managed to bring the game to a deadlock after Calum Chambers scored. Then, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s brilliance exploded once again, ultimately ending the game at 3-2. If not for Arsenal’s offense, David Luiz would’ve found himself in hot water once again.

Prior to Arsenal colliding against Aston Villa, Tony Cascarino of The Times slammed the Brazilian saying that he doesn’t have what it takes to lead the Gunners’ defense. The criticism stemmed from the clubs’ match against Watford where the team could’ve gotten the win if not for David Luiz and Sokratis Papastathopoulos committing egregious mistakes.

David Luiz slammed by Cascarino

“Arsenal had no control, no composure. They needed to sign a defender this summer, someone who is cool under pressure and has leadership qualities — and they went and spent £8 million on David Luiz, a player who has never embodied any of those qualities,” Cascarino said.

Fans have been criticizing coach Unai Emery for giving the Brazilian more minutes as it’s becoming increasingly clear that the shaggy-haired defender is not the cure for Arsenal’s poor defensive performance. If anything, David Luiz is a liability that the club can’t afford. Indeed, in his short Arsenal career, he has already given out two penalty kicks already.

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