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David Luiz parting ways with Chelsea was due to Frank Lampard; Emmanuel Petit said transfer should’ve been sooner

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David Luiz’s departure from Chelsea came as a huge surprise to a lot of people, both those operating within the organization and hardcore fans of The Blues. Now, Luiz has opened up why he chose to leave the team after spending two spells at Stamford Bridge.

He said that one of the major reasons for his decision was due to Frank Lampard. Specifically, the head coach’s decision to minimize David Luiz’s role in Chelsea.

“I had a real honest conversation with Lamps, and he had different ideas for his plans for the year. So the best way for me to respect the club was to move on and try to do a new challenge, and to give him the opportunity to do his job,” David Luiz said.

David Luiz’s departure is in good faith

Despite this, however, the 32-year-old made it clear that there was no animosity between him and Lampard. Lampard has echoed David Luiz’s statement and is wishing nothing but the best for the talented defender. In the meantime, his debut game on Arsenal ended on a great note after the team defeated Burnley on a 2-1 victory.

David Luiz was initially benched by Arsenal head coach Unai Emery when The Gunners went against New Castle. Emery said that the decision was due to how he wanted to approach New Castle and explained that he has plans for Luiz moving forward. Now, that plan is being unveiled with more coming out soon as Arsenal is slated to take on Liverpool on Aug. 25.

David Luiz thanks Arsenal fans for the warm welcome

As for how David Luiz feels about his new team, he said that he’s been loving the experience so far, and attributed most of the positivity towards the fans of Arsenal. He went on to say that as a footballer, it’s his job to keep the fans happy and will be doing his best to achieve what everyone is expecting of him, Telegraph reported.

Meanwhile, former Chelsea midfielder Emmanuel Petit has given his two cents about David Luiz’s departure and said that Lampard wouldn’t be regretting his decision in the future. Petit even went on to say that offloading the defender should’ve been done sooner, Metro reported. Liverpool icon Robbie Fowler’s previous statement contradicts this view as he said that acquiring Luiz – a prime and experience defender – for £8m is an absolute steal for Arsenal.

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