Crypto ETF’s ray of hope from combination of Blackrock and Coinbase emerges, would it be magic card for approval?

Constructive news of BlackRock, Inc. the world’s largest asset manager and exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider, who is reportedly exploring opportunities to legally take part in the cryptocurrency market. 

BlackRock have also been exploring the troublesome propositions of blockchain and cryptocurrency space since July, when they establish a functioning group to assess the newly invented technology, producing buzzes that they were considering a bitcoin ETF.

The latest connexion with Coinbase, the leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange indicates that such a development could still be under consideration, although this was dismissed by CEO Larry Fink, who stated that his clients had “zero interest” in trading cryptocurrency.

Amid cryptocurrency struggling performance in the recent past owing to the nine bitcoin ETF proposals that have been rejected by the SEC, this news has emerged that the combination of Coinbase and BlackRock to create a crypto ETF. In addition to that, the new hire of a SEC Commissioner could be perceived as the ray of hope for an ETF approval.

Although Hester’s sustenance places her in the sectional of SEC commissioners, she is unlikely to prolong, and the latest hiring of Elad Roisman to the SEC has intensified optimism that the regulator would be taking desirable but concrete step. The reputed advocate of cryptocurrency, Elad Roisman defined the essentiality for reasonable regulation in a speech to the Senate Banking Committee in the recent past.

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