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‘Criminal Minds’ season 15 episode 5: Two BAU agents fall into a trap and faces possible torture

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“Criminal Minds” season 15 episode 5 is going to be one exciting episode of CBS’s long-running police procedural crime drama show. This time, the BAU team would be dealing with a group of criminals daring and cunning enough to be able to capture two of their agents.

In the “Criminal Minds” season 15 episode 5 promo, the SUV that Matthew Simmons (Daniel Henney) and Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) are riding on suddenly came to a stop as its windows were smashed. Moments later, two men riding on separate motorcycles park on both sides of the vehicle, cutting off the escape route of the two BAU agents.

The rest of the team later arrives on the scene only to find the vehicle empty. “They were ambushed, the boys are gone,” someone from the team can be heard saying. “Please find them,” Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) pleads.

Simmons and Alvez are later shown to be alive but tied to a post. Their location appears to be a warehouse or storage area as piles of what appears to be sacks of cement can be seen everywhere.

While both are safe for now, they could be facing a horrifying ordeal unless their teammates find them in time. “I will watch both of you suffer,” a voice, which likely belongs to the criminal, can be heard in the background.

CBS also released a couple of sneak peek clips showing the BAU hard at work to catch the criminal. In one “Criminal Minds” clip, it was revealed that the killer attacked once more and killed two persons in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The two victims were actually shot by a sniper while they were just playing basketball. Two days before the incident, a victim was also killed in a similar manner in a parking lot.

Someone noted the case to be like that of long-distance killer Phillip Dowd, who appeared in the show's first season. It seems that there’s a copycat trying to emulate Dowd’s methods fifteen years ago.

“It is all single shots of the victims’ torsos, all in public places and no one has seen the shooter,” Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) said. A discussion on whether then unsub is a copycat killer or not then ensues.

Was the killer particularly going after Simmons and Alves for revenge? Find out when “Criminal Minds” season 15 episode 5 airs on Wednesday, January 29.

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