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CanadaCIS: Digital Revolution in the Canadian Immigration Industry

Canada has always been a choice destination for immigrants, thanks to its bubbling economy, receptive citizens, and beautiful culture. To maintain its enviable standard of living and quality of life for both its citizens and immigrants, Canada continuously strives to reinforce its economy.

Economic Rationale Behind Canada Immigration

Interestingly, keeping the economy alive and sustaining its services and benefits to the current and future generations of Canada partly depend on its immigration plan. A sustainable and balanced immigration plan plays a key role in ensuring that the Canadian economy stays up and running.

Why Is Canada Economy Dependent on Its Immigration Plan?

Canada has a fast-aging population and low birth rate, which poses a serious challenge to production. Being in close competition with other giant economies of the world like the United States and the UK, Canada cannot afford to lag in its economic strength.

With a good number of workers retiring, there is always the need to fill that gap. It was predicted that the Canadian economy would start to shrink in 2014 without further immigration. This has put pressure on Canada to boost its skilled labor capacity through immigrants.

People are not just going to be let into the country randomly; it has to be coordinated to ensure that immigrants have skills that are essential to the country’s present and future economic needs.

But how do you handle such an enormous task and manage the influx of foreigners? The answer, digital revolution!

The digital revolution in Canada immigration has made it possible for Canada to successfully manage the traffic and the large number of immigrants applying to get in.

Technology has impacted positively on how Canada handles its immigration services. Compared to traditional or manual means of processing immigration papers and screening immigrants, the use of technology will reduce or eliminate delays.

It also reduces pressure on the immigration officers and speeds up the entry of foreign skilled labor.

As Canada pushes towards realizing its dream of digitizing its immigration policies, it is gradually establishing itself as a technology powerhouse.

While the emphasis is on economic immigration and priority is given to Federal skilled immigrants, there are provisions for other types of immigrants like the Provincial Nominee Program, Family Sponsorship, Business Immigrant, and others.

Faster Credential Processing

As skilled workers and technicians make their way into Canada, arrangements have to be made to make their stay comfortable and also make it easy for them to find work and settle with their families.

To qualify as a skilled worker coming to Canada, doctors, engineers, dentists, and other artisans need to get their credentials examined or screened by Canadian regulatory authorities or professional associations.

Before the digital revolution in immigration, filling immigration forms and getting them across to government authorities or consulate in the host country for approval relies on a series of physical or manual handling.

The old ways of managing immigration applications made it prone to errors that can jeopardize or compromise the process and even prevent immigrants from getting their credentials granted.

Today, most immigration experts, like CanadaCIS, use modern technology to make the process smooth and easy to manage.

Delays in processing and granting of immigration applications will only make the process tardy and hinder immigrants from coming into Canada to work.

They use web-based technology and digital signature to process and assess every immigrant data and information being submitted online.

So far, CanadaCIS has made significant gains in managing its online counsels and made its services accessible to firms and individuals seeking professional immigration consultants.

The use of technology enables immigration officers to execute their responsibilities fast and make it easy for foreign professionals to start working within the shortest possible time after landing.

CanadaCIS: Improved Immigration Services

Application for immigration services should take a relatively short time and be straightforward. CanadaCIS identifies the potential challenges in the Canada Immigration system and seeks to help prospective immigrants eliminate them.

CanadaCIS understands that millions of people are dependent on the immigration system to get their papers verified. As a proactive agency, CanadaCIS has taken the lead in using advanced systems and IT infrastructure to modernize the immigration process.

Finding Professional Immigration Consultancy in Canada

While other countries are shutting their doors to foreigners, Canada is still embracing millions of immigrants; mostly to fill in the labor-production deficit in its economy.

Whether you are applying for a temporary work permit or permanent residency, hiring a legal immigration agency will guide you and also help you meet basic immigration requirements.

Hiring the services of a professional immigration firm like CanadaCIS is an important step in your immigration application process. CanadaCIS can quicken the process and save you the stress and bottleneck in immigration application stages.

The size of traffic heading the way of Canada demands has led to an increase in the number of amateur and con online immigration companies.

You should do adequate research on the immigration agency you want to hire.

Here are some factors you should consider before entrusting your immigration application to any online Canada immigration agency.

1. Credibility

A reputable immigration agency should have a successful track record and a sizable list of happy clients over the years.

2. Background Check

Since you are dealing with the agency online, you should do due diligence by finding out about their reputation.

You can find useful information on their website review page, online forum where other users comment on immigration companies’ performance or relevant immigration authorities in the host country.

3. License and authorization

Immigration services can only be provided by authorized legal professionals, such as RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) or lawyers specialized in Canadian immigration law. They should hold licenses and be registered members of ICCRC.

The agency should be transparent about its legal professionals and share their license numbers.

Your research on any immigration consultancy agency should answer these key questions:

1. How long have they been in business?

2. What’s is their success portfolio

3. What guarantee do they offer and,

4. Are they affordable?

Immigration consultants are regulated and should be recognized by the government through professional regulatory bodies.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is saddled with the responsibility of certifying and registering immigration consultants in Canada.

Advantages of Using a Professional Immigration Firm like CanadaCIS

As a reputable immigration agency, CanadaCIS meets every standard in compliance with statutory requirements. You get to employ the assured services of experienced immigration consultants that are equipped with in-depth Canada immigration laws, procedures, and technology to fast track visa application and grant. You can rely on CanadaCIS for your visa application and processing, trades recognition and qualification, business migration, and re-settlement services.

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