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‘Boruto’ chapter 53 release date, spoilers: Isshiki dies vs. Kawaki; Momoshiki stabs Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye

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Spoilers are out for the highly anticipated “Boruto” chapter 53, and fans are not ready for what is going to happen to all the characters involved in the battle. Isshiki makes his final attempt at placing the karma seal back on Kawaki. Meanwhile, Momoshiki comes out of nowhere and stabs a very vital part of Sasuke’s body.

‘Boruto’ chapter 53 leaks: How Isshiki is going to die

It may have seemed like the end of the match when Isshiki managed to drag Kawaki into the foreign dimension where the battle is happening. Killing Isshiki is one of the goals, but so is not letting him put karma seal back on Kawaki. That explains why it was a major setback for Kawaki to appear during the fight. It turns out, however, he will be the one to finish Isshiki in “Boruto” chapter 53.

Leaked spoilers for “Boruto” chapter 53 indicate that Isshiki will waste no time in catching Kawaki. But while taunting his former vessel, Isshiki confirms he only has five minutes left to exist. He will die if he is unable to put karma on Kawaki within that duration.

Remembering Amado’s advice, Kawaki made attempts to run away from Isshiki and tire him down until his five minutes is over. Kawaki also gets help from Sasuke in “Boruto” chapter 53 as the shinobi will switch places with Isshiki while the Otsutsuki is grabbing Kawaki. Sasuke also uses a special smoke bomb to allow Kawaki to escape while also evading Isshiki’s Byagkugan.

However, Isshiki uses Kawaki’s weakness, which is Naruto. The Hokage will be overpowered by Isshiki and will be used as bait to force Kawaki’s surrender. It will seem to be working as Kawaki returns to Isshiki’s side, who will then place karma on him. But this is the point where “Boruto” chapter 53 will reveal Kawaki can use Kage Bunshin, and Isshiki placed the mark on a shadow clone. Shortly after, Isshiki’s body reportedly turns to ashes.

Momoshiki, using Boruto’s body, stabs Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye

Sasuke and Kawaki rush to Naruto following Isshiki’s death. Naruto expresses he is surprised and proud at Kawaki’s new skills, while Sasuke will waste no time in asking Naruto about his Baryon Mode in “Boruto” chapter 53.

However, it is this moment of brief celebration that BoruShiki makes his move. Out of nowhere, he runs toward Sasuke a stabs his Rinnegan eye, thus, making him incapable to fight any longer. And with Naruto practically using all of his chakra, it means Kawaki is the only one left to fight BoruShiki after the events of “Boruto” chapter 53.

‘Boruto’ chapter 53 release date, where to read

“Boruto” chapter 53 will be released on Sunday, Dec. 20. While raw scans of the chapter have been uploaded online, fans should still wait for its full publication. Its official translation will be available for free on Manga Plus and Shonen Jump through Viz Media’s website.

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