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‘Boruto’ chapter 47 release date, speculations: Konoha tries to find ways to safely extract Karma from Boruto and Kawaki

It will be a month-long wait before the “Boruto” chapter 47 release date in June. However, fans are hoping that the upcoming manga installment it might reveal a potential solution to Boruto and Kawaki’s Karma problem, a revelation about Kashin Koji’s origins and the climax of the fight between Jigen and Koji.

The problematic Karma

One of the biggest revelations of “Boruto” manga chapter 46, which can be read on Mangaplus, is the nature of Karma. As explained by Amada, Karma can be thought of as a digital copy of a member of the Ohtsutsuki clan.

For instance, Boruto’s Karma is a digital copy of Momoshiki. “During the battle, Momoshiki converted himself into data, replicated himself, and implanted that into Boruto’s body,” Amado said. “In short, karma is a highly-compressed Ohtsutsuki backup file.”

Data from the compressed file is slowly extracted and merged with the host’s body. Amada likened the process to that of a sugar cube slowly dissolving into a cup of tea. When the data extraction is complete, Karma disappears as well and the Ohtsutsuki completely takes over the body. In Boruto’s case, he would completely become Momoshiki once this point is reached.

Unfortunately, there is no known safe way to remove the Karma from its host. “As far as I know, there isn’t a way,” Amado said. “Although you could probably prevent Momoshiki’s rebirth if you killed Boruto right now.”

Sasuke, Naruto and Konoha scientists will probably try to come up with a way to deal with Karma and save both Boruto and Kawaki in “Boruto” chapter 47. The village might also ask the former villain Orochimaru, one of Konoha’s great minds, to help come up with a solution for the Karma problem.

Kashin Koji’s origins

It was already confirmed that Kashin Koji was created specifically to deal with Jigen. However, the recent chapter did not clarify who created him or if he is a clone of someone who is from Konoha, which is a very popular theory among “Boruto” fans.

However, Naruto noted something about how Koji fights. “The way that masked guy fights… it’s like…” Naruto thought has he observed Jigen and Koji’s battle. It’s highly likely that Kashin’s story will be covered in “Boruto” chapter 47.

Jigen’s defeat due to his weakness

Amado also revealed Isshiki, the Ohtsutsuki who took over Jigen’s body. He originally came to earth with Kaguya to plant the Divine Tree. For still unknown reasons, Kaguya betrayed him to the point that he almost lost his life.

He only managed to survive because a monk named Jigen was nearby. Isshiki, who decreased his body’s size, entered Jigen through his ears and finally taking over the latter’s body. He is basically living as a parasite inside Jigen.

But this parasitic dependence in Jigen has a very serious weakness. Since he will never be able to fully take over the body and transform into his true form, Isshiki’s powers will be severely limited. As explained by Amada, Koji might have a chance at defeating Jigen in “Boruto” chapter 47.

"Boruto" chapter 47 will be released on June 18. Stay tuned for more updates.

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