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‘Black Clover’ episode 128 release date, preview, spoilers: Explosive battles begin as Black Bulls, Mimosa enter Heart Kingdom

From a promo trailer for “Black Clover” season 1 | Photo credit: AnimeBlurayUK / YouTube screenshot

Mimosa and some members of the Black Bull squad will gain permission to arrive at the Heart Kingdom in “Black Clover” episode 128. However, they will not receive a warm welcome as they face the country’s strongest fighters as soon as they enter its territory.

Black Clover’ episode 128 preview, spoilers

Mimosa will be a huge help in the Black Bulls’ mission as she once studied in the country, and with her connections, she gains permission for them to legally enter its border. Mimosa joins Asta, Noelle, and Finral on this trip in the hopes of learning more about demonic curses upon visiting the Heart Kingdom. They previously discovered a curse exists in the neighboring country. But what they think would be a breezy journey in “Black Clover” episode 128 will immediately lead to two explosive fights.

They will be greeted by the Heart Kingdom’s Spirit Guardian named Gadjah in “Black Clover” episode 128. But he will send Asta flying into a hole where, as soon as he reaches the bottom, he will be greeted by a female warrior who intends to neutralize him.

Meanwhile, Gadjah will also attack Mimosa, Noelle, and Finral using his Lightning Magic and runes technique that appears to be exclusively developed by the Heart Kingdom. Gadjah is not to be taken lightly. This will be evidenced by Noelle immediately activating the Valkyrie Dress as soon as the Spirit Guardian attacks.

Fans are right to be excited about “Black Clover” episode 128 because the manga chapters it is based on have some well-illustrated panels of the two fights. And screenshots from the upcoming episode confirmed that these would all be featured in the anime this week.

Asta’s fight in “Black Clover” episode 128 will not be any easier. The female warrior multiplies as their fight goes on, and he will later meet no less than Undine, the Water Spirit. Undine does not approve of Asta’s demon power and will make serious taunts against him.

Black Clover’ episode 128 release date

“Black Clover” episode 128 will likely end in a cliffhanger. Asta needs to conserve his Anti-Magic and then finds a human being shielded by a curtain of water. He deduces that there is air inside it occupied by the female figure. He will aim for that location by using his sword to slash through the water curtain that will shock Undine.

However, the lady’s identity might not be revealed yet if “Black Clover” episode 128 will strictly follow the manga. Episode 128 is titled “To the Heart Kingdom” and will be released on Tuesday, March 31.

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