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Antonio Vendome Acclaimed Developer to Create Habitable Sculpture

New York City , May 04, 2018 -- Manhattan real estate developer Antonio “Nino” Vendome looks to make a name for himself as he aims to build the Habitable Sculpture in numerous parts of the world.

Vendome, who is the chairman of the Vendome Development LLC, once collaborated with renowned architecture Philip Johnson in 2005 as the duo were able to put together the 14 story condominium known as the Urban Glass House.

The Urban Glass House which is situated in the Soho community of Manhattan, New York is a 137-foot building that includes 40 apartments, fitness facility, and a bicycle storage

It was also among the last known work of Johnson who passed away earlier that year.


A celebrated name in the industry, Johnson is widely acknowledged for his works such as the Glass House which is located in New Canaan, Connecticut as well as 550 Madison Avenue and the 190 South La Salle Street in the Windy City, Chicago. He also went on to bag numerous awards such as becoming the initial awardee of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1979 and the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal a year before.

In spite of their success, the duo later parted ways as Johnson once told Vendome in front of 15 professionals that they are not fit to work together because they have their differences.

“My son, I do not think I’m the right fit for you because I am an artist,” the multi-awarded architect Johnson said.

Fine Arts

But instead of folding up and staying down, it only lit a fire in the eyes of Vendome as he continued to find ways to outdo his previous works. He later grew a deep fondness for fine arts which in turn led him to start a 300-foot project, coined by New York Times journalist Herbert Muschamp as the Habitable Sculpture.

“Antonio Vendome is the embodiment of what it means to be Italian in America. Nino not only
brings his work ethic to all his endeavors but his passion for art which is rooted in his humanity,” said Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa who is the Founder and President of the Italian American Museum in New York

The Habitable Sculpture also drew praises from Johnson's partner and fellow architecture Alan Ritchie citing that Vendome has been dreaming for the Habitable Sculpture to result in fruition a long time ago.

“It was a wonderful experience for me to witness the soulful relationship that was developed between Philip Johnson and Antonio Vendome, two very different personalities who were equally passionate about the world of art. The design created for the Habitable Sculpture immediately captivated Nino’s imagination and I know how much he is determined to make it a reality. The time has come to make it happen,” Ritchie added.

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