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Amazon hair styling business? Unbelievable, but the tech giant will open its very first hair salon in London

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Amazon is trying its hand in a new business venture, and this time, it is something that most people would never imagine. Since it is a tech company that is also into e-commerce, it was quite surprising when it was reported that it is opening its first hair salon in London!

CNBC reported that Amazon made the announcement about its hair salon on Tuesday, April 20. The company said it would be opening its first-ever hair styling outlet and chose East London for the location. Apparently, Jeff Bezos’ firm never stops exploring new lines of business where it can also promote some of the products it sells on

Amazon’s hair salon details

The company shared that the Amazon Salon will be a building with two floors, and it will be located in Spitalfields, London. This is the vicinity lined with shops and restaurants.

The hair salon features a 1,500 square foot floor space and will be open seven days a week. This is also close to Amazon’s headquarters in the U.K., just a 5-minute walk, and will initially offer services to Amazon employees only. The public can start booking for an appointment through email, phone call, or visit to the salon in the coming weeks after the salon’s launch.

Moreover, it was said that Amazon decided to put up a hair salon as many people in the area are finding it hard to book appointments for haircuts. This resulted in a backlog in salons because of the lockdowns brought about by COVID-19.

Something unique at Amazon Salon

Amazon hair salon is not ordinary because the company said that it would be using new technologies to fulfill the services. For instance, customers can see what they will look like if they sport a different hair color, and the company will use augmented reality technology for this.

Customers will also be provided with a Fire tablet where they can check information about a product in the salon, and this may help them decide whether to avail it or not. If they want to buy the item, they just need to scan a QR code that will direct them to Amazon’s e-commerce platform. In any case, it was revealed that Elena Lavagni, who owns Neville Hair & Beauty in London, will provide the hairstyling and care services at Amazon Salon.

“We have designed this salon for customers to come and experience some of the best technology, hair care products and stylists in the industry,” Amazon UK’s country manager, John Boumphrey, said in a press release. “We want this unique venue to bring us one step closer to customers, and it will be a place where we can collaborate with the industry and test new technologies.

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