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‘Alita: Battle Angel 2' release date, plot, spoilers: Did the movie cover everything in the original manga?

From “Alita: Battle Angel” official trailer. | Photo by 20th Century Fox/YouTube screenshot

Movie fans might be wondering whether "Alita: Battle Angel 2" is ever going to happen. But apart from Disney's approval for a sequel project, the unconfirmed movie's plot should also be thinking about what its plot is going to be.

Many might have not yet realized that the movie was based on a manga series titled "Gunnm." Since this is a Western love-action movie adaptation and not anime, many aspects of its storyline have been tweaked. In that case, do the writers and producers have enough source material for "Alita: Battle Angel 2"?

'Alita: Battle Angel 2' plot: What to expect?

The titular protagonist, played by Rosa Salazar, is a cyborg living in a dystopian, cyberpunk-themed world. The first movie revolved around Alita's struggles of not knowing about her past. There are still many things left unanswered that could be great materials for "Alita: Battle Angel 2."

The first film ended with Alita becoming the strongest fighter in the Motorball tournament. It was also an open-ended conclusion suggesting that Alita's next adventures will not only be about herself. She pledged to avenge the people of Iron City against Zalem and Nova (Edward Norton), who was only briefly shown in the movie. It is very possible that, in "Alita: Battle Angel 2," the clash of Nova and Alita could be the main plot point.

Will 'Alita: Battle Angel 2' still use references from the manga

One of the interesting plot alterations done in the film was the inclusion of Nova. In the original manga, the character does exist but not until the final story arc. This means that if "Alita: Battle Angel 2" will take some elements from the manga, it could already tackle some stories told in the latter parts of the original series.

Fans should also not be surprised if more storyline changes in "Alita: Battle Angel 2" as it was already done in the first movie. For example, the James Cameron-produced film introduced its original character named Nyssiana (Eiza Gonzalez).

'Alita: Battle Angel 2' release date, cast

The first movie did fairly well in the box office after reportedly seeing more than $404 million in gross ticket sales worldwide. But the last word should now come from Disney after its merger with the 20th Century Fox earlier this year. It is possible that the merger would delay the announcement of "Alita: Battle Angel" if the studio giant would ever greenlight the project.

Meanwhile, fans who loved Rosa's take on Alita should not be worried about her return in "Alita: Battle Angel 2." The actress promised she would love to play the role as long as she lives.

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