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‘Alan Wake 2’ is reportedly in the ‘planning stages’ and could be published by Epic Games

From the “Alan Wake Remastered” trailer | Photo credit: Remedy Entertainment Oyj / YouTube screenshot

“Alan Wake Remastered” might just be the beginning of the thrilling action-adventure game’s return. Developer Remedy Entertainment is reportedly working with Epic Games for a potential release of “Alan Wake 2.”

‘Alan Wake 2’ could be underway

The first game, which originally came out in 2010, has been a timeless favorite to many gaming fans primarily because of its plot. Despite its rich story, though, it did not seem like Remedy was working on a full sequel over the last decade. But that could change soon.

Gaming insider Jeff Grubb reported, through Giant Bomb’s GrubbSnax podcast (via VGC), that Remedy is already planning “Alan Wake 2.” “They are working with Epic Games on producing an Alan Wake 2, or at least it’s in the planning stages,” Grubb said.

However, the source does not seem certain yet if the development of “Alan Wake 2” is already set in stone. “So does that turn into anything concrete and real? I’m hopeful,” Grubb added. “I don’t imagine it will get derailed.”

The first “Alan Wake” ended with enough story to resolve the plot, although it also left plenty of questions hanging since 2010. Without spoiling much of the first game, fans may recall that it left them with the line, “It’s not a lake. It’s an ocean.” It was Alan’s parting words after apparently switching places with Alice as it seemed like the only way to save her.

While the ending is open to interpretation, the fact is Alan is still alive and is practically trapped in the lake. But whether or not Alan will be able to write himself back into existence sounds like a good foundation for “Alan Wake 2.”

‘Alan Wake Remastered’ release date

While the sequel’s development is still up in the air, fans can focus on the upcoming release of “Alan Wake Remastered.” Remedy is not changing the game’s well-received plot, but the game’s visuals and other features have been updated to maximize the modern gaming consoles and hardware capabilities.

Remedy was the first to announce the release of “Alan Wake Remastered” this fall, then its first trailer premiered during the PlayStation showcase last week. This will be the first time the game is launching on PS consoles. The remaster will be released on Oct. 5 on PC via Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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