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AKUA launches the world’s first plant-based Kelp burger

Photo by: AKUA/Instagram

AKUA, an American company, unveiled the world’s first kelp burger that can be called the “meat from the sea.” An innovative vegan product has been introduced, and it is completely new in the plant-based food manufacturing industry.

The burger meat from the sea

AKUA is a manufacturer of meat alternatives, and while there are many “meatless” meats that are being sold in the market today, this one from the company is very unique. This is because it is made from kelp which is a first in the world.

Most vegan meat burgers are made from plant proteins and extracts, the AKUA meat burger is made from kelp. There is also seaweed, pea protein, quinoa, crimini mushrooms, black beans, and crushed tomatoes.

The product is rich in vitamins A, B6, and K, plus zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, and folate. What’s more, the AKUA Kelp Burger does not have sugar, trans fat, and saturated fats. The company stated this is definitely the healthier and more sustainable meat alternative to other plant-based burgers and regular burgers.

“The Kelp Burger is going to have a special place in the market for those looking to make a difference in the way they eat both for themselves, the Earth, and their local ocean farming economies right here in the U.S.,” Vegconomist quoted Courtney Boyd Myers, AKUA CEO and co-founder, as saying. “We’re offering something better than a fake meat burger or a boring veggie burger, and we can’t wait for consumers to taste the difference.”

How much it cost and where to buy it

As per The New York Times, the AKUA kelp burger meats are being sold for $48.99 per pack of 12 patties. Currently, it is available online and in some restaurants across the United States, including Central Provisions in Portland, Honeybee Burger in Los Angeles, HULA’s in Monterey, The Crystal in Fort Meyers, Florida, Lemon Press in Massachusetts, and more.

The outlet shared that the AKUA kelp burger that was officially launched last weekend stated that it is best prepared seared on a griddle, then topped with condiments, and finally sandwiched in a bun. “We’re so proud to launch the world’s first Kelp Burger to the world, pioneering a new way to eat sustainably without compromising on health or deliciousness!” AKUA wrote on Instagram.

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