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'eFootball PES 2020' gameplay bugs, update: Konami recognizes issues on MyClub and Matchday Event Points system

From the “eFootball PES 2020” demo trailer | Photo credit: Konami via eFootball PES/YouTube screenshot

“eFootball PES 2020” developer, Konami, has recently announced identifying a couple of issues. The video game company recognizes that a couple of bugs in the myClub and general gameplay have been encountered by several players. Konami also announced that a previous update has caused some details on the Matchday events points system to be posted with some inconsistencies that may have confused participants.

eFootball PES 2020’ gameplay: Konami distributes bonus GP following Matchday events error

Players who have joined Matchday events have likely experienced seeing incorrect details on their accumulated points over the past month. Konami explained this week that the erroneous information was caused by the update added to “eFootball PES 2020” last Oct. 24.

Along with recognizing the error, Konami explained that the issue particularly affected the Competition Details screen for Custom Squad Matchday events. Bonus values listed for Opposing Side’s Players was 200%, and Other Players was 25% on some language settings when it should have been 25% and 100%, respectively.

Despite the bug’s existence, Konami promised that Event Points had been calculated using the correct values on all bonuses. While a fix has yet to arrive, “eFootball PES 2020” players who were affected by this issue will be given 30,000 GP “in the coming days” in Konami’s effort to apologize for the mistake.

eFootball PES 2020’ bugs affect myClub, general gameplay; Konami promises fixes are underway

In a separate announcement on Wednesday, Konami admitted that a couple of bugs were observed by several “eFootball PES 2020” players. The myClub mode’s ‘Allocate players based on current Squad’ option is not working properly for some players. New squads may show no registered players despite using the said option.

Konami has also recognized an issue in the Edit mode of “eFootball PES 2020.” Some players reported that using imported strips is causing some player models to disappear from the configure match menu before a match begins. The developer promised that an update would carry fixes for these bugs. However, there is no promised bonus GP to compensate for the bugs yet.

“eFootball PES 2020” is the latest iteration of Konami’s football simulation video game series available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile. A free Lite version has also gone live this week and can now be installed through Steam.

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