Matthew Carmona

Matthew Carmona

Matthew Carmona is Professor of Planning and Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL. He has previously lectured at the University of Nottingham and before that worked as a researcher at Strathclyde and Reading Universities and as an architect in practice.
His research has focused on the policy context for delivering better quality built and natural environments, having worked on a range of research projects examining:

design policies and guidance
design coding
residential design and development processes
delivering urban renaissance
the value of urban and architectural design
the working relationships between housing providers and planners
measuring quality in planning
managing external public space
local environmental quality and standard
London squares and high streets
governance of design, the case of CABE

Matthew is on the editorial board of ‘Urban Design Quarterly’, is European Associate Editor for the ‘Journal of Urban Design’, and edits the ‘Design in the Built Environment’ book series for Ashgate. He is a regular advisor to government and government agencies both in the UK and overseas and writes a column for Town & Country Planning, the journal of the Town & Country Planning Association. He is a Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert.
Between 2003 and 2011 Matthew Carmona served as Head of the Bartlett School of Planning.

His book "Capital Spaces: The Multiple Complex Public Spaces of a Global City" is published by Routledge:

If we want to solve London's housing crisis, we'll need to think small

Apr 14, 2016 03:01 am UTC| Insights & Views Real Estate

Matthew Carmona, Professor of Planning and Urban Design Politicians are finally waking up to the fact that London has a housing crisis. Everyone, from the candidates for London mayor to the prime minister, has been...



Australian weekly consumer sentiment rises for seventh consecutive week

Australian weekly confidence rose for the seventh consecutive week. The ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian consumer sentiment index rose 0.4 percent. A solid rise of 5.8 percent in Time to buy a household item underpinned the...

New Chinese law restricts sensitive exports, prescribes retaliation against threats

China has passed a new law restricting sensitive exports and taking reciprocal measures toward countries or regions that abuse export controls and threaten its national security and interests. Export controls under the...

Egypt exceeds IMF's growth expectation amid pandemic

Egypt exceeded the International Monetary Funds (IMF) expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting the latter to raise its estimate of the countrys economic growth rate from 2 percent during the last fiscal year to...

Biden's poll lead boosts shares of gun manufacturers

Shares of gun makers have been surging as Democratic candidate Joe Biden who vowed to increase gun regulation widened his lead in the polls against President Donald Trump since their debate. Smith Wessons stock is up...

UK is not doing enough to get Irish-facing ports ready for Brexit

Much of the UK debate surrounding Brexit has revolved around two kinds of border. The first is the land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We have seen a combination of economic concerns about the...


Joe Biden extends campaigning into 'Animal Crossing'

With a few weeks left until the November elections, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is ramping up campaigning efforts in order to get elected to the presidency. Bidens campaigning has even extended to the popular...

Michelle Obama says she would never run for office because of the loss of anonymity

Even after leaving the White House in 2017, former first lady Michelle Obama and her husband Barack Obama remain to be incredibly influential political figures. While she has received calls from many hoping that she would...

Melania Trump to return to the campaign trail following COVID-19 recovery

For the past few weeks, first lady Melania Trump stayed out of the public eye after contracting coronavirus and experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Recently it was announced that she will be returning to the campaign trail...

Donald Trump humiliated: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar pushes back against POTUS' accusation of entering US illegally

Donald Trump is often criticized for pushing for an anti-immigrant as well as anti-Muslim agenda. Following his accusation that congresswoman Ilhan Omar entered the country illegally, Omar spoke out against...

World War 3 warning: India minister says defense forces are always ready for potential threats

Several countries find themselves at odds over deals and ideologies and geographic landscapes, with India and China being two of the countries that have long-running disputes with each other. As China continues to assert...


NASA revelation: Mysterious set of footprints found on lunar surface outside of Apollo missions

NASA is currently preparing to return to the Moon through its upcoming Artemis space program. With five Apollo missions having preceded this one, scientists had also discovered a mysterious set of footprints that did not...

Asteroid discovery: space rock on extremely close approach photographed by scientist

Yesterday, October 19, an asteroid made a safe fly-by when it approached Earth. An astronomer was able to capture the rock as it traveled through space and towards our planet. The asteroid that NASA has referred to as...

NASA news: Expert warns of China's increasing dominance in future space exploration

In recent years, more countries are beginning to branch out into potential space exploration, among them being China. As NASA gears up for its upcoming space missions, a scientist has warned that Chinas own space agency is...

Climate change discovery: Changing global temperatures may have been the cause of human extinction in the past

Climate change today is becoming more and more of a problem that the toll it has taken on the environment has become more evident especially in recent years. Aside from leading to the extinction of certain species of...


Apple silicon Macs reportedly slated to be announced in November

Apples biggest events of 2020 have already taken place, where new iPad, Watch, and iPhones have been announced. However, the tech giant is expected to have one more product unveiling before the year ends focused on the...

Huawei Mate 40 Pro sports 50MP camera, 65-watt fast charging as specs leak before Oct. 22 reveal

Shortly before the official unveiling of the Huawei Mate 40 series, a reliable source has already reported the supposed full specs sheet for the Pro model. Aside from a processor that could surpass the capacity of Qualcomm...

Xbox Game Pass hints at ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ arriving on the streaming service

Previous online teasers made for Xbox Game Pass promotions have been fun, albeit easy, puzzles to crack. Video game fans may have just been given one more thing to decode, which suggests the addition of Rainbow Six Siege...

iPad Air 4 release date listed as Oct. 23 by several retailers

More evidence has surfaced online suggesting that the iPad Air 4 pre-order will open on the same day as the iPhone 12 on Friday, Oct. 16. Reports have it that third-party retailers have also listed the tablet with a...
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