Joshua  Trigg

Joshua Trigg

Dr Joshua Trigg is a public health researcher with training and experience in psychological and population health research. His work focuses on health and occupational health risk factors, risk attitudes and motivators of risk behaviours.

Dr Trigg came to the Flinders Public Health Team from Cancer Council South Australia, where he researched tobacco and alcohol use attitudes and behaviours, as well as community perceptions of culturally focused tobacco cessation messaging. His previous work has examined motivators and inhibitors of emergency risk taking behaviour, and wellbeing and quality of life domains, and has used various quantitative and qualitative methods.

He is a member of the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs and Public Health Association of Australia, and has worked with government health bodies, non-profits and various community organisations across Australia. His current research interests include:

- Tobacco control and smoking cessation
- Vaping and e-cigarette use
- Alcohol consumption patterns
- Health risk behaviours
- Health promotion/risk messaging effectiveness
- Wellbeing and quality of life

- PhD (Psychology)
- BPsycSci(Hon) (First Class)

My teen's vaping. What should I say? 3 expert tips on how to approach 'the talk'

Jan 24, 2023 05:38 am UTC| Insights & Views

Youve dropped your daughter off at her friends house and while cleaning the car, you find what looks like a USB drive on the passenger seat. Its a disposable vape. Youve seen the news. Vapes or e-cigarettes are harmful...



Marcos Expresses Optimism on Coca-Cola’s $1 Billion Expansion Plans in the Philippines:

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. welcomed the $1 billion expansion plans of the international beverage brand Coca-Cola in the Philippines. The Palace announced this development on Tuesday. Marcos engaged with Coca-Colas...

China’s doom loop: a dramatically smaller (and older) population could create a devastating global slowdown

China has announced that in 2023 its population declined from 1.4118 to 1.4097 billion people. Forecasting by the UN suggests Chinas population will dip to 1.313 billion by 2050 and then down to about 800 million by 2100....

The private sector housing experiment has failed: Ottawa must now step up on social housing

Politicians of all stripes say that housing affordability is a top priority. But few are saying much about social housing the kind thats needed for low-income households in greatest need of affordable rental...

Wholesale power prices are falling fast – but consumers will have to wait for relief. Here’s why

Wholesale power prices are falling steeply in Australia, following two years of surging prices after the Ukraine war triggered an energy crisis. New data shows annualised spot prices for power in Australias main grid fell...

Mortgage and inflation pain to ease, but only slowly: how 31 top economists see 2024

A panel of 31 leading economists assembled by The Conversation sees no cut in interest rates before the middle of this year, and only a slight cut by December, enough to trim just $55 per month off the cost of servicing a...


200 million voters, 820,000 polling stations and 10,000 candidates: Indonesia’s massive election, by the numbers

Indonesians are going to the polls to elect a new president today. There are three candidates running, alongside their vice presidential candidates. According to opinion polls, the favourite is Prabowo Subianto, leader...

How Muslim teachings support political dynasties in Indonesia

President Joko Jokowi Widodo is the latest high-profile political figure in Indonesia to attempt to build a political dynasty, loosely defined as a concentration of political power involving family members. Jokowis...

Russia’s next election is likely to put Putin in power for longer than anyone since Peter the Great

Presidential elections will be held in Russia in March. It is inevitable that the incumbent president, Vladimir Putin, will win. Putin has been in power (whether as president or as prime minister) since 2000. If he wins...

Rwanda deal: why the media should focus more on the policy and less on the politics of immigration

Heading into an election year, the governments handling of migration continues to dominate headlines. Much of the coverage has been about the plan to send those who enter the UK without legal paperwork to Rwanda. This...

Biden’s ‘hard look’ at liquefied natural gas exports raises a critical question: How does natural gas fit with US climate goals?

The Biden administration has frozen pending decisions on permit applications to export liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to countries other than U.S. free trade partners. During this pause, which will last for up to 15...


The brain is the most complicated object in the universe. This is the story of scientists’ quest to decode it – and read people’s minds

In the middle of 2023, a study conducted by the HuthLab at the University of Texas sent shockwaves through the realms of neuroscience and technology. For the first time, the thoughts and impressions of people unable to...

Synthetic human embryos let researchers study early development while sidestepping ethical and logistical hurdles

Embryonic development, also known as embryogenesis, is a cornerstone in understanding the origins of life. But studying this marvel of intricate and layered biological processes in people faces considerable challenges....

Genetic diseases: How scientists are working to make DNA repair (almost) a piece of cake

I have always been fascinated by genetics, a branch of biology that helps explain everything from the striking resemblance between different members of a family to the fact that strawberry plants are frost-resistant. Its...

Orbital resonance − the striking gravitational dance done by planets with aligning orbits

Planets orbit their parent stars while separated by enormous distances in our solar system, planets are like grains of sand in a region the size of a football field. The time that planets take to orbit their suns have no...

Why now is the time to address humanity’s impact on the moon

Humans have always looked at the sky, using the stars as navigation guides or for spiritual storytelling. Every human civilization has looked to the stars and used celestial movements to measure time and find...


GoTo and TikTok Nearing Full Compliance with Indonesia's Trade Regulations

In a strategic pivot set to redefine Indonesias e-commerce landscape, GoTo Gojek Tokopedia (GoTo), in partnership with ByteDances TikTok Shop, is on the verge of complete regulatory alignment under Indonesias e-commerce...

Google Funds AI News Articles Amid Gemini's Rise: Evolution or Ethical Dilemma?

When used appropriately, generative AI is a phenomenal instrument; however, a significant concern is that it could be exploited to inundate the internet with articles. Notwithstanding this, Google reportedly remunerates...

'Road House' Screenwriter Sues Amazon, MGM Over Copyright and AI Voice Duplication

The 1989 action film Road House screenwriter sues MGM Studios and its owner, Amazon Studios, alleging copyright infringement regarding the forthcoming remake. According to the Los Angeles Times and The Hollywood...

Sony PlayStation Announces Major Layoffs, Shuts Down London Studio Amid Industry Shifts

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC announced on Tuesday, Feb. 27, that it will be laying off eight percent of its global workforce. The video game and digital entertainment unit of Sony Corporation is set to let go of 900...
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