David Knights

David Knights

Professor of Organisation Studies, Lancaster University
David Knights is a Distinguished Scholar and Professor in the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology at Lancaster University Management School and at the Oxford Brookes Business School. His research is in the field of leadership, power and identity, gender and diversity, the body and ethics.

His most recent publications include: Knights, D and Clarke, C (2017) Pushing the Boundaries of Amnesia and Myopia: A Critical Review of the Literature on Identity in Management and Organization Studies, International Journal of Management Reviews, 19, 3, pp. 337-356; Knights, D (2017) In remembrance of Professor Joan Acker: A legendary figure in the field of Gender, Work and Organization, Gender, Work and Organization DOI:10.1111/gwao.12223; Knights D and Clarke C (2018) Living on the Edge? Professions: their Preoccupations and Paranoias, Culture and Organization, Published online 30th Nov. 2017, 24, 2: 134-153; Clarke, C. and Knights, D (2018) Practice Makes Perfect? Skillful Performance in Veterinary Work, Human Relations, 71 (10):1395-1421; Ciulla, J., Knights, D., Mabey, C. & Tomkins, L., (2018a) Guest Editors’ Introduction in Philosophical Approaches to Leadership Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol 28, Issue 1: January, pp.1-14.;
17. Ciulla, J., Knights, D., Mabey, C. & Tomkins, L., (2018b) Guest Editors’ Introduction in Philosophical Approaches to Leadership Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol 28, Issue 3: June, Published online: 05 July 2018, pp. 245-250.
18. Clarke, C and Knights, D (2019) "Who’s a Good Boy Then”? Anthropocentric Masculinities in Veterinary Practice, in Special Issue on Non-human Animals, Gender, Work & Organization, 26, 3: 267-287. (DOI) - 10.1111/gwao.12244, July, (ABS 3)
19. Knights, D (2019) Gender still at work: Interrogating Identity in Discourses and Practices of Masculinity, Gender, Work and Organization, 26: 18-30, https://DO10.1111/gwao.12338.
20. Knights D and Clarke, C., Gendered Veterinary Organization, Veterinary Record, accepted 12th June 2019, published 0n line first 9th Sept. 2019 doi: 10.1136/vr.104994
21. Knights D and Latham, Y (2019) Disabled People and Digitalization: Disruptive Documents in Distributing Digital Devices? Organization Studies, Accepted 13.7.19, Forthcoming

His recent books are:

1. Knights, D and H. Willmott, Introducing Organization Behaviour and Management 3rd edition, London: Cengage Thomson Learning, 2017

2. Mabey C and D. Knights, “Leadership Matters?”: Finding Voice, Connection and Meaning in the 21st Century, New York: Routledge, 2018

3. Thanem T and Knights, D Embodied Research Methods, Sage, 2019.

Fake news: emotions and experiences, not more data, could be the antidote

Oct 12, 2019 09:10 am UTC| Insights & Views Technology

At a time when public debate around the world is suffering from a collision between facts and alternative facts, experts must find new ways to reach people. According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump has made more...



US investment banks take funding intended for small businesses

Investment banks advising on corporate dealmaking received tens of millions of dollars from the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which were earmarked to assist small businesses in the pandemic-induced...

Canada urged to focus on boosting economy than managing debt

Analysts say Canada should focus on implementing measures to boost economic growth and incentives to get people back to work instead of managing its budget deficit. Due to the countrys growing debt, Fitch downgraded...

EU warns of decisive action against US over trade disputes

The EU is threatening to take decisive action against the US over its unwillingness to settle the issue of aircraft subsidies and its plan to conduct new investigations in trade deficits. The aircraft trade dispute...

S. Korea posts record-high forex reserves of $410.75-B

South Koreas foreign exchange reserves reached a record high of $410.75 billion in June, having gained $3.44 billion from May due to profits and investment returns from overseas assets and a weak dollar. The June...

International banks sue Argentine soy crusher for diverting funds

International creditor banks are suing Argentine soy crusher Vicentin of diverting hundreds of millions of dollars and have asked a US court to subpoena records as part of a lawsuit, including wire transfers and bank...


Donald Trump fury: POTUS attacks Bubba Wallace on Twitter, says NASCAR driver should apologize for noose scandal

With the issue of systemized racism in the United States placed front and center in recent months, Donald Trump has earned backlash across the board for his failure to address the issue. Following the controversy...

Donald Trump revelation: POTUS' niece Mary Trump's book to be published two weeks ahead of schedule

President Donald Trump has another book about him that he will attempt to block publication to, which is of his only niece, Mary Trump. In the midst of the conflict surrounding the publishing of the book, Simon Schuster...

Melania Trump shock: FLOTUS left out in Fox News' editing out of husband Donald Trump in photo with Jeffrey Epstein

President Donald Trump is known to have had a good relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, with a now-infamous photo of the two in the Mar-a-Lago resort. Fox News aired the said photo, editing out Trump...

Joe Biden reveals senior leadership team in Florida

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is maintaining his lead over Donald Trump in the polls, climbing up to double digits as time goes on. Doubling down on his campaigning efforts, Biden has zeroed in on swing states...


Archaeologists find proof of tooth decay and cavities in 9,000-year-old discoveries

It is clear that many problems that were once prevalent in ancient times are no longer a problem today and vice versa. However, there are some problems that, as archaeologists have found, have been actually been present...

Apollo 11: Film producers show lost footage of moon landing in 2019 movie

The Apollo 11 mission is widely celebrated for being able to place the first men on the moon. In the 2019 film of the same name, its producers were able to show the lost footage that was taken of the historic...

Scientists say climate change may endanger many fish species

One of the underlying problems the world faces today is climate change, with the rising temperatures and melting ice in the polar regions. Scientists have now warned that the rising temperatures could drive many species of...

Astronomers spot two exoplanets interacting with each other's gravity

To see exoplanets interacting with one another is a very rare occurrence, but it is what astronomers were able to witness recently. Scientists were able to spot two exoplanets interacting with each others gravity deep in...


PlayStation 5: Everything you need to know before Sony drops it in stores

There have been many rumors about PlayStation 5, and in Sonys recent video releases about its newest console, some of the reports were proven to be accurate while others are not. Now, fans want to know more about PS5...

Is the Pixel 4a launch imminent as Google discontinues the Pixel 3a series?

Google is no longer producing Pixel 3a and 3a XL units, reports found this week. The timing is interesting, especially since its successor Pixel 4a has been rumored to be announced this month. Pixel 4a release date in...

iPhone 12 could be delayed by four weeks to a couple of months but until 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably rocked the tech world, and Apple was not exempted. A new report offers a more vivid look into the possible delays the company might suffer in terms of releasing the anticipated iPhone...

iOS 14: 4 best security and privacy improvements launching later this year

After countless reports of mobile apps and other entities covertly collecting peoples data through the devices they use, iPhone users should pay attention to the security and privacy features launching on iOS 14. Luckily,...
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