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Why Modern Day Student’s Prefer Using Essay Writing Services

A lot of online academic writing services have come up all over the Internet in recent years. Students in high school, college and university are warming up to them and actually prefer using them instead of writing their own papers. Do these students cheat? What is the reason many students are seeking out these services?

Traditionally, essay writing has been considered an important aspect in a comprehensive liberal arts education. The ability of a student to put together an essay elegantly and coherently was thought to be a hallmark of true scholarship. If a student has not acquired the ability to write by the end of their course, they cannot be considered a good student by too many standards.

In modern academic society, most students are under a lot of pressure to work towards several A-grade papers every semester. As the pressure continues to mount on these students, they have come up with countermeasures, as always, to get around this problem. Instructors and professors are now finding out that more and more students seek out these ‘academic writing services’ to get professional essay help. There is a controversy around these writing services, and whether they amount to cheating depends on whom you ask.

What are Essay Writing Services?

Due to the increase in demand for these services, the number of online freelance writing jobs has skyrocketed. Most of these freelancers are working for top-rated writing services all around the world. The increase in the startup of these services is alarming. It has reached a point where these services are rated and reviewed based on specific factors to provide potential clients with information on which academic writing service is the most efficient and reliable.

Normally, these services are meant for professionals and businesses, but their affordability has led to a lot of scholars using them. Students occasionally hire these professional writers to write essays and other types of academic papers for them. The student provides relevant information that the writer may use to write a paper. Other times, a student may only provide a rough draft of their assignment for the writers to proofread for grammar and coherence.

Buying an essay from these writing services is fast and affordable. A student can get their assignment done in a short span of even 6 hours which will certainly make any last-minute cramming easy.

How Essay Writing Services Work

Even though every writing service has its own unique style of doing things, there are specific features that are similar in the best companies. The summary of their operations are generally the following steps:

  1. When making an order, you will be required to state the type of assignment, the length of it (in pages or words), and the deadline.
  2. You will then be able to view the price quote from the price calculator.
  3. If you are satisfied with the price, the next thing is to press the order button/link and proceed to the confirmation page.
  4. You will then be required to choose a preferred payment method. Next, tick the ‘agree to terms and conditions’ checkbox and proceed to payment.
  5. After you make the payment and it is processed, you will be taken to an order confirmation page or ‘pick a writer’ page depending on the perks of the service. This is an essential part of the order process. After confirming the order or picking a preferred writer, you will receive a confirmation email and detailed instructions on how to access your control panel.
  6. You will then have to log in to your personal control panel. Here you will be able to communicate with your writer and check the live progress of your order. You will also be able to upload additional files, download drafts, request for revisions, if you deem it necessary, and leave a rating or review on the service or writer.
  7. All papers are original and do not contain any traces of plagiarism. In case you are not satisfied with the paper, you could ask for revisions, which are normally free for most services.

Most instructors or professors consider the use of academic writing services to be a form of cheating. Some students might not see it as such, while the professional writers simply try their best to make the papers they deliver as brilliant as possible for an excellent grade.

What’s Our Take?

It is easy to assume that modern-day academics are measured largely by their ability to write. No instructor or professor will take an essay seriously if it is poorly put together. Brilliant writing is especially important in certain disciplines like history and literature. However, it is worthwhile to consider whether mechanical engineers and chemists really need this skill to succeed in their disciplines.

Instructors should also bear in mind the standards they set as well as the number of academic writing assignments they demand from their students. The fact that the ability to put together an academic paper is vital should be clearly communicated to students in advance.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or management of EconoTimes.

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