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Why It's Right Time India Prioritizes Renewable Energy Sources

We are in a new decade now, and the recent scientific reports suggest that in a few more years, there would be 1200 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere. This will remain there and cause the global temperature to rise even further. If the present rate of traditional and conventional energy resources continues, we will soon be heading towards a climate change apocalypse. Ozone depletion, sulfur dioxide emission, and other nitrogenous oxides are released from the usage of conventional energy systems. This is the right time that India prioritizes the utilization of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources are clean, inexhaustible, and sustainable.

Climate change experts suggest that switching to an alternate fuel source as opposed to the traditional one will help in significantly reducing the emissions but also have many other benefits. Some renewable energy sources are wind energy, solar energy, hydrostatic energy, biogas energy, geothermal energy, and tidal energy. This is what will help India progress and fight against climate change.

Here's why it's the correct time that India prioritizes the usage of renewable energy resources-

For better public health

The emissions from conventional energy resources are associated with more significant breathing problems, neurological diseases, and premature deaths. Suspended particulate matter, nitric oxides, and another byproduct of producing electricity through fossil fuels are health hazards. Wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectricity generating power plants do not cause emissions, thus enhancing the quality of life.

Inexhaustible energy resources available

The nonconventional energy resources are unlimited and do not add to the depletion of Earth's natural deposits. Renewable energy resources, when used, can provide up to 8 times more energy than the traditional ones.

This is also cost-effective and gives no emissions, and this is not contributing to global temperature rise. They will last forever, even when fossil fuels are unavailable. The growth of these sources is unstoppable, and you can always depend on them for your energy needs. You can check this infographic to gain knowledge about the prevalence of renewable energy resources in India.

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Better job opportunities and financial benefits.

The utilization of Renewable energy resources is intensive and will create more job opportunities. The building of solar panels, setting up plants, maintenance, turbine installation, construction, raw material manufacturing, and development all need human resources. Therefore, more jobs are created in addition to the electricity being produced.

Stable, affordable electricity for all

India frequently faces power cuts, and many places in the country are yet to receive electricity. Renewable energy resources will generate more energy than can be supplied, that too all at an affordable rate. Also, the cost of generating electricity from these sources has gone down significantly.

The prices of fossil fuels are increasing because of the limited supply and increasing needs. Investing in renewable resources is our best deal to cut down on the finances and provide for all.

Energy security is increased

The usage of renewable energy sources for electricity production does not add to the additional fuel transportation cost, handling, and recovery cost.

This a better energy security and price stability are achieved, thus giving India a better control.

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