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Selling to the Healthcare Industry in 2017

The healthcare sector plays a huge role in our lives, in both a personal and business manner. There are a number of ways in which healthcare winds its way into our everyday lives, from doctor’s surgeries to dentists and even through wellness programmes within businesses. With such a varied scope within one industry, it’s no surprise that it is now a perfect opportunity to tap into it all from a promotional aspect. In both the UK and US, the healthcare industry continues to grow even in the face of adversity and now includes much more than your local hospital.

Healthcare is now available in multiple different forms as mentioned; from hospitals to doctors’ offices, health now transcends those typical environments. The notion of wellness is something that has made its way into even our businesses to help look after employees. Companies are feeling the consequences of unhealthy workers as diseases like obesity and diabetes increase, which has resulted in firms taking proactive steps to improve the lives of their employees; the introduction of wellness programmes.

In the meantime, the traditional practices such as doctors are trying to retain their share of the industry. With competition from alternative treatments like yoga, massage or chiropractors, traditional forms of healthcare are on the hunt for effective advertising and marketing to remind patients.

Areas to target

Healthcare is something that affects everyone, and something that everyone should be considering seriously. With that in mind, there are a number of different target areas if you’re hoping to sell to those involved and offer promotional healthcare products.

The baby boomers are now of a generation where they feel they want to make a change to their lifestyle, whether it’s through joining a sports club or getting involved in their employer’s wellness scheme at work. Over 25 million baby boomers in the US belong to a gym or exercise club, with many of them wanting to get their health or fitness back.

Another generation that is hugely beneficial for the healthcare industry is the millennials. They have grown up being health conscious and are looking for ways to actively invest in their wellbeing. Whether it’s a better choice of diet through organic food, fitness and general purchases. However, it’s the business firms that have really helped to push the healthcare industry further.

Firms that wish to reduce absenteeism and improve the culture in their workplace are investing more money in programmes and products to promote health. As companies begin to see factors like that affect their bottom line, they are more willing to do something to help change it. Other firms, such as child welfare or psychiatric work, are also investing in ways to remind themselves of their own physical and mental health.

How to sell successfully

Promotional products come in an incredibly varied collection, so it’s important that the needs of the healthcare provider are understood. After all, it’s highly likely that they’ll need something industry-specific with close attention to detail.

Garments are particularly popular; from scrubs to aprons and even polo shirts, the healthcare industry will require branded uniforms. Promotional clothing is often the biggest request from healthcare providers. However, it’s worth remembering that you may well be working with wellness programmes, whose priority will be fitness-related giveaways or even something as simple as branded water bottles for those who take part.

It’s worth remembering that although healthcare firms appear to be struggling, with a priority on saving money without compromising on the delivery of care, they will still have resources to dedicate to marketing.

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