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Samsung Galaxy S21 release date, specs: Only the Plus model is getting a bigger battery, certification listing suggests

A Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is seen in the photo. | Photo by Jonas Leupe (@jonasleupe) on Unsplash

Smartphone manufacturers do not stop the development cycle of new hardware products, and this might explain why the alleged specs of Samsung Galaxy S21 are already appearing in the rumor mill. The latest report suggests that the Plus model is the only one getting a bigger battery next year.

Samsung Galaxy S21 battery specs appear in an early certification listing?

Avid smartphone fans should already be familiar with Samsung’s annual product launch schedules. While it may seem that the S20 lineup was just announced, it is not too far-fetched to hear that Samsung Galaxy S21 is already being developed.

Two battery listings were spotted in the 3C Certificate that MyFixGuide reports could be intended for the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup. While the document makes no specific mention of Samsung or the Galaxy S series, the same source maintains that the batteries are identified with model numbers EB-BG991ABY and EB-BG996ABY. These correspond to the speculated model numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S21 (G991) and Galaxy S21 Plus (G996).

If the information in the 3C Certification listings were correct, this means the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus would receive a tad bigger battery than its direct predecessor. The current available Galaxy S20 Plus sports a 4,500mAh battery while the listed EB-BG996ABY battery has a 4,660mAh capacity. The details on the supposed Samsung Galaxy S21 battery is more interesting as its capacity is only listed at 3,880mAh, which is a little bit smaller than the battery pack in Galaxy S20.

It is not entirely impossible for the Samsung Galaxy S21 to get a small battery downgrade. Slashing off around 120mAh from its capacity might not even drastically affect its performance. Tom’s Guide also suggests that this small change could be explained by a design revamp if the upcoming smartphone ends up being thinner than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 release date

It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S21 is unlikely to see the light of day until earlier 2021. Over the last three Galaxy S lineups, Samsung has kept its product announcements in February. It is yet to be seen if the COVID-19 pandemic has serious effects on the Samsung supply chain, otherwise, the smartphone maker is likely to announce the Samsung Galaxy S21 devices in February next year.

Given that the potential Samsung Galaxy S21 announcement is still several months away, tech fans should take the reported battery specs with a healthy pinch of salt. While the source could be legitimate, Samsung could also apply some tweaks in the future smartphones’ specs.

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