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PlayStation 5: Leaked launch date, prices of the PS5 console, DualSense controller and other gaming accessories

Photo by: PlayStation/Facebook

PlayStation 5 has been hugging the headlines since the beginning of this year. This is because it has been dubbed as the most powerful gaming consoled to come in this generation yet.

This is Sony’s newest offering to the gamers worldwide and the company’s next-generation flagship console that will be out in the market this year.

The giant American tech company already revealed many things about PlayStation 5 including its looks and features. However, the detail about the prices for the console’s various versions is not yet available. PS5 is also arriving with its own set of accessories and how much they cost are also not indicated yet as well.

Despite this fact, there are people who get information faster than the others so the “leaked details” are made available. In this case, the leaked info is about the price, something that the consumers want to know now.

So below are the alleged prices that were leaked by a respectable techie in the world of gaming. @IronManPS5 is known to fans and they have been following him on social media because a number of his leaked details in the past proved to be accurate although not all.

The PlayStation 5 console

Sony remained tight-lipped about PlayStation 5’s pricing but @IronManPS5 tweeted more than a week ago that it will be launched in some countries during the 2020 holiday season. He said that it will be released in Europe and North America on Nov. 20 and it will be put on sale for $499, €499 and £449. The currencies are according to the country it will be sold.

The digital version of PS5

The leaker also stated that the PlayStation 5 Digital version, the one without the disc drive, will be cheaper than the regular PS5. It will come with 825GB SSD that will make loading times faster and fans can buy this for only $399, €399 and £349 at the launch which shows a $100 difference.

PS5 Accessories

PlayStation 5 will need some accessories to fully experience all its features. It was already revealed by Sony that it will come with the DualSense controllers and this will cost around $59.99, €59.99 and £54.99.

This type of controllers need to be charged and its charging station has a tag price of $29.99, €29.99 and £24.99. The leak also indicated that the PlayStation 5 has an HD Camera as one of its accessories and it cost $59.99, €59.99 and £54.99. Finally, according to the leak, the Pulse 3D wireless headset is the most expensive of them all and its prices are $159, €179 and £129.

Then again, Sony still has to confirm if these details are accurate. Or perhaps, fans will only know until the day of the release. Meanwhile, Check out the PlayStation 5 hardware below:

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