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Nintendo Switch is sold out everywhere and the Switch Lite might soon follow

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to stay at home to slow down the virus’ spread. To keep both kids and adults entertained, many homeowners have decided to splurge a bit on the latest digital entertainment gadgets, such as the Nintendo Switch console.

The problem is that under normal circumstances, the best-selling console is already a bit hard to find. But now that everyone wants to own one due to the coronavirus lockdown, the Nintendo Switch is practically impossible to find.

A quick look at the Nintendo Support Forums will confirm what everyone has been dreading the most. “I can’t seem to find anything in stock anywhere,” user GusGus complained.

Apparently, the Nintendo Switch console is currently sold out in California and Texas. “It's not just you,” user littlemimus replied. “I live in Cali and I literally could not find one at any store in my city. Had another friend in Texas have this exact same issue.”

There’s no stock of the console in Arkansas either. “Arkansas here, been having the same problem,” klockquirk said. “A GameStop employee told me the other day their suppliers in China are delayed due to the virus outbreak. No ETA on replenishment. I imagine this is the case for most stores/sites.”

Don’t bother looking for the Nintendo Switch console in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana as well. “Pittsburgh, PA here- I've searched far and wide in not only my state, but asked friends and family in Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina if they could find any at GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart and Target,” Zilla-Breath wrote. “Not a single one. The only place I've been able to find one is on and they've jacked their prices to over $500. It’s safe to say that it will be a while before we see Switches on shelves again.”

The problem is not limited in the U.S. alone. In fact, the Nintendo Switch console is also sold out in the U.K. “According to Stock Informer, there currently is no UK retailer that has available stock of the Nintendo Switch right now,” Express wrote.

Mashable suggests that buyers get the Nintendo Switch lite instead. “Everyone had the same idea: Splurge on the Switch during social distancing. This was a recipe for the Nintendo Switch to sell out,” the publication wrote.

But people should grab the Switch Lite while they still can as it might run out of stock as well. Mashable says that the console is still being sold on Best Buy (32GB Yellow — $199.99, 32GB Gray — $199.99, 32GB Turquoise — sold out, 32GB Coral — preorder for $199.99), Dell (32GB Yellow — $199.99, 32GB Gray — $199.99, 32GB Turquoise — $199.99), Walmart (32GB Yellow — $199 (only one left), 32GB Gray — $199 (only one left), 32GB Turquoise — $196.88, 32GB Coral — preorder for $199.96) and GameStop (32GB Yellow — $199 new, pre-owned sold out, 32GB Gray — $199 new, pre-owned sold out, 32GB Turquoise — $199 new, pre-owned sold out, 32GB Coral — preorder for $199.96).

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