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Melania Trump faces backlash after ignoring important Coronavirus protocol; FLOTUS hugs members of the public

Regine MahauxWeaver, Hilary/Wikimedia Commons

Melania Trump faced backlash after she seemingly ignored or forgot an important coronavirus protocol, which is to avoid hugging and touching other people especially strangers.

This week, the FLOTUS presented the awards to 12 rightful recipients of the International Women of Courage award at the State Department. The first lady was joined by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the event.

Melania shocked the public when she hugged each of the recipients on Wednesday despite her husband, Donald Trump, advising the public to avoid touching their face and other people due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

According to Express, none of the award recipients are from high-risk countries but this doesn’t mean that touching each other is recommended. In fact, health and immunologist specialists have advised American citizens to avoid physical contact with each other and to instead greet each other with an elbow touch.

On Twitter, some critics lambasted Melania for hugging members of the public despite the warnings made by her husband and other health officials.

“What is going on with this government and their inability to reassure the public about a frightening health crisis? Melania Trump defies coronavirus fears to shake hands and hug women?” Twitter user @FozzieBear88 said.

At least one netizen claimed that Melania hugging members of the public were her way of supporting the POTUS’s claim that coronavirus is a hoax.

“To show this coronavirus is all a hoax, we need a video of Pence and Trump hugging and shaking hands today. Then he could go hug Melania, Ivanka, Junior, Eric… and the list goes on,” Twitter user @JackCrimmins_ said.

Some netizens also noticed how the FLOTUS willingly hugged strangers when she can’t even hug her husband.

“You’ll never see Trump hug Melania in public… let alone a photo of it,” Twitter user @doug_reiffer said.

“What do you recommend for @realDonaldTrump to reignite the passion with @FLOTUS? She’s mad at him… Not sure if related but he is raw-dogging porn stars recently. More hugs and smiles? Some surprise hamberders?” Twitter user @mrmmister1 said.

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