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How Data Management Is Changing The Way We Look at Information Technology

How companies store data has long been part of a larger debate on how they can make their clients feel safer. When many businesses are built on customer data, losing it can end up costing them millions of dollars and the loss of clients’ trust. This is where Veritas enters the picture. Karthikeyan Chinnusamy joined Symantec in 2012. Chinnusamy’s expertise helped Symantec in the e-commerce and Payment systems platform, particularly in the Risk and Fraud detection business problems.Symantec launched internal Payment systems called Sympay in which Chinnusamy and team made as a successful delivery This product was integrated with Symantec’s e-commerce which has been used by 50+ million consumers and generating a revenue of $1.7 billion. Chinnusamy joined Veritas after the Symantec - Veritas Spin off in 2015.Since then Veritas has grown rapidly as more and more businesses look to increase their Data and security methods.

While Chinnusamy now works for Veritas clients with a name such as T-Mobile, Bank of America, and Nationwide and Fortune 500 companies and some Public Sector institutions. He was educated at the University of Madras before going on to get his Master’s degree from Madurai Kamaraj University. After working as a professor for a number of years, he started his career in IT industry

Hacking is a big problem for many large companies. Even if they feel as though they have proper security measures in place, that can all change within the short period of time since technology moves so quickly. This is why every aspect of data needs to be monitored constantly. Veritas provides a number of different services to these clients, including project management, software release management, strategy development, and more. Having all of these services available in one place has been part of the reason that Veritas has been so successful. Chinnusamy’s expertise in Data Management and Customer Master domain is helping Veritas in better customer satisfaction.

“Mismanaging data can cost businesses millions in security vulnerabilities, lost revenues, and missed opportunities,” says Chinnusamy.

Storing customer data can be high-risk, and many companies are not sure how to properly approach increased security without worrying their customers. However, with hacks on the rise, there is a real chance that these businesses might suffer the consequences of not putting more security measures in place. For example, in 2018, Marriott was hacked and over 500 million accounts were compromised, and the brand never fully recovered.

Veritas goes about helping these companies by building them software that is unique to their own needs. Not all of the same features should be used, and each individual company might have certain expectations they might need to fulfill. This has been part of the challenge of the job, and Chinnusamy believes there is hope for these companies in the future if they choose to invest in AI/ML solutions now.

“There are a lot of new things coming out that will ensure the security and safety of all the big companies that use Veritas,” he states.

While there are hurdles that these companies will have to overcome in order to achieve stability, there are solutions that make it possible to provide clients with the security they need. Veritas has drastically changed how companies interact with customers’ data, either by the use of new software or by developing quality processes to help protect it. It’s likely that in a few years, small businesses will also be looking to how they can provide additional security for their clients, as well. When it occurs, it’s also likely Veritas will be there with a solution.

While Chinnusamy was consulting for Genentech, he was instrumental in Genentech’s Product migration and Roche Product integration to CRM. This helped the global sales team of Genentech with a better sales experience.

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