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Hair Transplantation at a Younger Age, Is It Fine?

Hair loss and other similar kind of problems affect more than 25% of women and 50% of men in the United States at some times in their lives. As per a study by American Academy of Dermatology, one in every three men are suffering from hair loss problems in America. There can be any reason behind these problems but this is quite worrying to see the number of patients with hair loss kind of problems are increasing with time. Although hair loss is really a depressing situation but most of the people think hair transplantation is an effective solution to consider. But this is the time to understand whether hair transplantation at a young age is a fine solution to consider or not.

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Hair transplantation: A hair loss solution

Although without any doubt hair transplantation is one of the most effective and amazing solutions which can work amazing to get rid of baldness or thinning hair. The most common question which most of the people want to know is the golden period of having a hair transplant surgery. So, the truth here is that there is none.

Although various people are desperate to have a quick fix to overcome the problem of their hair loss. Even some wants to good look now without thinking anything about later. But this is always important to care about our hair, skin and appearance far beyond our thirties and forties. So, it is always important to understand the things properly before making any decision faster. Along with other various things which need to understand about this solution, it is also important to understand whether you are old enough to adopt this or not.

Hair transplantation at a young age, is it fine or not?

For decades, surgeons are debating at whether young balding individuals are right candidates for hair restoration processes or not. Also, what can be the Follicular unit extraction (FUE) effects on their donor areas. It is because the major problem here is that it can be difficult to find a permanent hair donor area at the young age. However, when it comes to treat androgenetic alopecia then most of the surgeons prefer to consider a hair transplant surgery at 25. However, before this the evaluation of this problem usually made by a complete medical history, detailed physical examination and family history. While, patients who are going bald under 25 years old, are more prone to develop extensive and sporadically non-pattern hair loss than the people who got thin hair later in their lives.

Even more, as hair loss is quite a progressive condition, especially for people under 25, therefore, the hair donor supply which is needed for hair transplantation may become of a very limited supply. This can be a major problem in the people having hair loss at young age because they likely to extensive hair loss in coming year. Due to all of these reasons more and more hair transplant surgeons are willing to perform hair transplant surgery at the age of 25 minimum. However, there can be some cases which can be treated before this too. But these cases are only on the basis of some specific evaluation and circumstances but this is not a common happening.

Final thought

So, more commonly hair transplantation is an effective solution to consider after age of 25 and even more and more people are admitting this fact. However, this is not the best situation to follow always. Rather it can be more effective to take each case differently and it is better to identify the problems and solutions for every patient. Because every patient needs to be judges on merit properly. Because a patient who is suffering from hair baldness may have a strong donor area which can make him or her an adequate for hair transplant to acceptable hair density.

If it is not required for a patient to perform hair transplantation, then you can easily find various other solutions which can be considered to treat hair loss in young patients. While, if it is necessary then with proper counseling and correct planning, young patients can also undergo hair transplant surgery but make them to have realistic expectations with this before going into this process.

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