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‘Elden Ring’ gameplay to include PvP and online multiplayer; recent ‘trailer’ leak wasn’t a stunt, insider says

Photo credit: FROMSOFTWARE / YouTube screenshot

With internal videos of “Elden Ring” appearing online recently, more information leak has now come to light about its gameplay. FromSoftware’s next project is now shaping up to be an important IP as it is expected to combine elements present and was missing from “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” and “Dark Souls.”

‘Elden Ring’ will have features missing from ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’

There are still many details left under wraps about the “Elden Ring” gameplay. However, new information appeared online for a reliable leaker known as Omnipotent in the ResetEra community. The source gave fans hope as they confirm that the upcoming title will feature player-versus-player and online multiplayer elements.

The leaker did not elaborate much on this aspect, but it was enough to once again excite the fans eagerly waiting for “Elden Ring.” These gameplay features were, unfortunately, not included in the acclaimed FromSoftware title “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” that focused on a single-player campaign.

Meanwhile, one of the few details known about “Elden Ring” is that it would feature a character creation system, which is a crucial element for AAA role-playing games. Fans expect that the upcoming game would feature something similar to the customization options made available on the “Dark Souls” titles.

The lore and gameplay plot of “Elden Ring” is an even bigger mystery, and the game’s only available trailer does not give many clues to dissect. But fans are very excited about it anyway. Hidetaka Miyazaki’s abilities as a game director and writer are already proven with the successes of “Sekiro” and “Dark Souls.” But note that the story for the upcoming game has also been developed through Miyazaki’s collaboration with “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin.

‘Elden Ring’ leak was not a stunt but the video might not be the real trailer

“Elden Ring” was making headlines this week after several minutes of the supposed trailer leaked online shortly after several gaming insiders hinted at a possible presentation from From Software. It was then not shocking that it led to theories that it may have been a controlled leak to further hype up the fans.

However, Omnipotent said this was unlikely the case. The leaker suggested that the video may have been entirely the work of Bandai Namco and was solely for internal distribution. They also believe the video was not an actual “Elden Ring” trailer in the making since it did not mention or demonstrate other crucial features such as the weather system.

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