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‘Elden Ring’ gameplay: New details about NPCs, dynamic weather, map, and ‘arcane spells’ revealed in an updated official description

From the “Elden Ring” gameplay trailer | Photo credit: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe / YouTube screenshot

More details about the “Elden Ring” features have been revealed in an updated game description on its official website. The new blurb is comprehensive enough to give fans an idea of what elements they can use to their advantage once they start their journey across the Lands Between.

Some NPCs might offer help

As shown in the “Elden Ring” gameplay trailer, players will encounter plenty of non-playable characters (NPCs) — humans, animals, and mythical creatures — that will have an impact on their progress. Players may find help from the people who are inconvenienced by the war among the Demigods with the shards of the Elden Ring called the Shattering.

The non-hostile people of Lands Between can be found “near the broken remnants of cities.” According to the new description first spotted by Twitter user Mordecai, players will have to help them first to get the answer they need from these NPCs, and that could entail extra missions or quests.

Dynamic weather should be used to gain an advantage

One of the first things FromSoftware confirmed is that “Elden Ring” will have a natural weather system, which also means the game features a time-of-day progression. These features will also have a use in the game, and the updated description confirms the environment, weather, and time-of-day progression can all be used to gain an advantage.

This could mean that some of the monsters or missions can be toppled easier at a specific time of the day. Some environments could be conducive to completing certain missions or fighting certain enemies.

Arcane spells and spirits will help in battles

“Elden Ring” is set in a fantasy world, so it is not surprising that magic and other supernatural elements can help players gain an advantage. Players will have to learn arcane spells from masters scattered across the ruins of war. There is also an ability to summon spirits to have better chances of winning against the enemies.

The description also mentioned something about gathering other Tarnished to finish missions. This is likely a reference to the multiplayer features of “Elden Ring.”

Map progression is the player’s choice

Developers have previously confirmed that players can explore the “Elden Ring” map without any particular order. The updated description provides more information on why this is a crucial element of the game.

The Tarnished, the role that players will assume, is on a mission to reclaim the Lands Between and the Elden Lordship while the Demigods are fighting during the Shattering. Players may find “the lost graces” that would guide them to reclaim the land and the Elden Ring. This seems like the conventional path of progression.

However, the Tarnished can also go in a different direction if they “seek understanding.” “We wanted to give a free level of progression and exploration throughout the Lands Between,” director Hidetaka Miyazaki told IGN. “Elden Ring” will be released on Jan. 21, 2022, on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

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