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Burger King pulls out plant-based restaurant in London amid prediction all fast-food will become vegan

Photo by: Vargklo/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Burger King set up its very first all-vegan restaurant in London for a trial. Now the fast-food chain has ended the test run, and the menu items will be returned to normal, which are the non-vegan dishes.

Burger King turned its flagship store in Leicester Square into an all-vegan outlet that only serves plant-based dishes, and while some experts say that fast food is really ideal for “meatless” food items, there are also critics who described the company’s trial as “manipulative.”

“It is extremely manipulative. It’s right where all of the clubs are and hungry drunk people, for example, won’t have many options,” Dominique Samuels, a commentator for GB News said. “Burger King has been there for as long as I can remember. So it’s basically trying to force people into consuming chemically enhanced fake meat.”

Then again, many people were also appreciative of the store’s move to open an all-vegan store. This is because most individuals are now health-conscious and prefer to eat less meat.

As per The Guardian, the Burger King Leicester Square branch in London offered 100% all-vegan menu items for a full month. This was done to determine the popularity of plant-based dishes among the diners.

Throughout the trial period, the burger joint sold the plant-based version of its Whopper burger range, nuggets, and “meatless” chicken burgers. The move to have the vegan options on the menu is a growing trend, and in fact, many of Burger King’s rivals, such as McDonald’s, KFC, and more, have also introduced plant-based items to their respective customers.

In any case, Burger King will start adding meat options again in its Leicester Square store as the all-vegan trial officially concludes this month. With the end of the test, the chain said that it is thinking of rolling out some of the most popular plant-based dishes nationwide.

The company will compile all the items that have sold the most during the trial and start adding them to the menu across the country. Most of the Burger King restaurants are already selling plant-based sandwiches and nuggets, so with the new dishes, the vegan options will ultimately be expanded.

Meanwhile, Burger King announced the re-opening of its Leicester Square store last month, but it will be 100% meat-free. The company said the trial will end on April 10 and will offer 15 ground-breaking new menu items in addition to its Plant-based Whopper and Vegan Royale.

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